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This Is Us: Australia Part 4

There is a lot of chaos cluttering our brains these days. Texts prevent pondering. Snapchats prevent reverie. Twitter prevents epiphany. Instagram prevents memory. And thunderstorms prevent brainstorms. And on and on.

It’s difficult to get true commitment — let alone ponder the fact that beyond our instantaneously gratified society there are canyons in the oceans where vampire fish live; or meditate for a moment on the fact that there is space. How can one ponder space when it’s nearly impossible to initiate a real conversation? Warrant a look in the eyes or an earnest response? It is easy to track someone today, yes. It is hard, however, to elicit anything of substance as we walk around like the texting dead.

Which leads us to the motivation behind this trip we did to the coast and why we chose these surfers: Creed McTaggart, Chippa Wilson, Ryan Callinan and Dillon Perillo. We wanted to remind ourselves of something. Something about existence. About humanity. About surfing. This is part four of This is Us: Australia and we hope you like it. We got a house, drank beers, went surfing, drove around, fucked around and talked about chicks. Ryan wore his wetsuit the whole damn trip and Creed had a few cigarettes. Dillon read poetry and Chippa applied fresh Fox stickers for the first time. It’s wasn’t always deep and meaningful (although at times it was) but it was fun, and this is what it looked like.

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Watch This is Us: North Starring Yago Dora, Brendon Gibbens, Dillon Perillo and Andrew Doheny and presented by Monster Energy

I never thought I would need to write this. Or that I would need to start a new magazine that would need to do a surf trip as a reminder that we’re still unpredictable enough to fail. That the throwback of a silly road trip up north in a big van in California is not entirely…

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This Is Us: France Short Film

This is a film that epitomizes why we do this. Why we surf. And travel. And live. We went to France and we forgot to check the charts. But we went anyway. And contrary to forecasts, we found waves. And when we didn’t find them, we didnt complain. We did other things. We skated. Went…

This is us australia what youth surfing

This Is Us: Australia Part 4

A What Youth original series.

This is us australia what youth surfing

This Is Us: Australia Part 3

We’re all different. We’re all the same. It’s all fucking good.

This is us australia what youth surfing

This Is Us: Australia Part 2

The rainiest episode.

This is us australia what youth surfing

This Is Us: Australia Part 1

The This Is Us series is simple: grab surfers we like to hangout with, put them in a house, go surfing a ton and record it.

what youth this is us australia

This Is Us: Australia Jerk Off Tapes

Surf culture isn’t polished. It’s not cut out for primetime. And anyone who’s ever chucked surfboards into the back of a van knows what type of conversations go down on surf trips. We have all the …lost videos and watch them to this day. And while we hope you enjoyed This Is Us: Australia and…

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