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Off Beat: Curren Caples Episode 021

“Dude, you made out with my mom!”

We filmed a Fairly Normal with Curren Caples a few weeks ago and it came out pretty rad we thought. I mean, we went to his hometown of Ventura and we got the run through of his world, we surfed, we skated, we saw the first rail he ever did. Sick shit, right? But then we went to Hawaii with him and let our hair down a bit and things got a little more interesting. Still one of our favorite styles in the world on a skateboard (and are you kidding me with his surfing?), we decided to mic him up in a rather interesting wander through back roads of the North Shore of Oahu in all new Off Beat.


Beau Foster off beat what youth

Off Beat: Beau Foster Episode 017

Well, we tagged along with Beau for some food, surf checks and put him through the Off Beat interview ringer yesterday. Just ’cause we could.

Ryan callinan off beat what youth

Off Beat: Ryan Callinan Episode 016

Ryan Callinan makes us happy. That’s probably because he smiles a lot. He also pulls crazy shit on trips and is likely going to blow your mind come the end of the year. You’ll see. Despite a few injuries in recent years that have kept him from the spotlight he deserves, Ryan is smiling and…

Mitch Crews off beat what youth

Off Beat: Mitch Crews Episode 015

A lot of you may be getting your first introduction to Mitch Crews via his post-heat interviews on webcasts now that he’s a famous competitive surfer. But we don’t really know that dude. The dude we know has actually been a staple in the back of the van cracking us up for years. We filmed…

Brendon Gibbens off beat what youth

Off Beat: Brendon Gibbens Episode 014

His answers come with a polite charm that you only find from a surfer born in Germany who now hails from one of the more disciplined commonwealth nations.

Noa Deane off beat what youth

Off Beat: Noa Deane Episode 013

There’s something cooking besides Noa Deane in this episode of Off Beat. It was captured while filming for an all-new full-length film project in Indonesia. And we’re going to leave it at that for now, but consider this your first glimpse on set. Noa Deane has been on a heater. He’s got clips. He’s been…

Thom Pringle off beat what youth

Off Beat: Thom Pringle Episode 012

Thom is a fascinating guy.

Matt meola and Kai Barger off beat what youth

Off Beat: Matt Meola & Kai Barger Episode 011

We may need to import some girls for these boys before they short circuit.

Craig Anderson off beat what youth

Off Beat: Craig Anderson Episode 010

We spent the other day hanging out with Craig hunting for rocky waves in California and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to spring some Off Beat questions on him.

Warren smith off beat what youth

Off Beat: Warren Smith Episode 009

Warren Smith is an intelligent southern gentleman. He’s well-spoken and ambitious. He can engage you in a vicious conversation about anything: politics, music, art, fashion, Star Trek, business, Nirvana, vampires (especially vampires), Lord of the Rings, writing, Norman Mailer novels, etc. And he’ll do it with the charm of an old woman drinking iced tea…

Yadin Nichol off beat what youth

Off Beat: Yadin Nicol Episode 008

Cool dad Yadin makes an awkward return to What Youth in this Off Beat.

Nick Rozsa off beat what youth

Off Beat: Nick Rozsa Episode 007

Now here is a captivating human. We didn’t know Nick Rozsa that well prior to the last few months, but thanks to our opportunity to work on Anything Sing with Reef, we’ve gotten to travel across the globe with him — and we got to know him real quick. He’s become quite an interesting specimen…

Luke Davis off beat what youth

Off Beat: Luke Davis Episode 006

As we said before, we thought we knew this dude. He’s had flawless style and a public profile since he was arcing around San Clemente alongside Kolohe and all the other San Clemente gremlins at age 12. Nice kid. Nice family. Nice NSSA results, etc. But now he’s grown up. With tats. And power. Vibes….

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