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Off Beat: Curren Caples Episode 021

“Dude, you made out with my mom!”

We filmed a Fairly Normal with Curren Caples a few weeks ago and it came out pretty rad we thought. I mean, we went to his hometown of Ventura and we got the run through of his world, we surfed, we skated, we saw the first rail he ever did. Sick shit, right? But then we went to Hawaii with him and let our hair down a bit and things got a little more interesting. Still one of our favorite styles in the world on a skateboard (and are you kidding me with his surfing?), we decided to mic him up in a rather interesting wander through back roads of the North Shore of Oahu in all new Off Beat.


Andrew doheny off beat what youth

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Off Beat: Balaram Stack Episode 004

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Off Beat: Dillon Perillo Episode 003

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Off Beat: Kolohe Andino Episode 002

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Off Beat: Tanner Gudauskas Episode 001

We managed to briefly sadden a Gudauskas, and we think he says he’d eat snake if he had the chance.

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