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Off Beat: Thom Pringle Episode 012

09.23.13 – TAGS: , ,
Video: What Youth

Thom is a fascinating guy. He spends most of his year laying concrete on the job site at home in Australia. But once he’s got enough cash to jet the globe, he hits the road to search and destroy. This year he found himself on the Nti Sheeto trip with his idol Ozzie Wright and Dion Agius, spent some time surfing and skating in California and has now ventured to France on a whim. He’s really smart and one of the most interesting people to chat about life and culture with. He’s an encyclopedia on music, skating and surfing. He surfs and lives how we all strive to.

We followed Thom to the skatepark the other day and hit him with some questions in a new episode of Off Beat.

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