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Past Present Perfect: Sunny Garcia & Ezekiel Lau Part 1: Surfing in Hawaii

Video: Troy Eckert

Sunny Garcia is part of a near mythological lineage of Hawaiian surfers. Hawaii and it’s surfers have been a part of every single shift in progression, surfboards, big waves, airs, competition and freesurfing. It’s one of the most important aspects of our history. And there have been a lot of surfers who’ve participated in those historic runs, but perhaps none more persistently than Sunny Garcia. For decades Sunny Garcia defined and matched Hawaiian wave power with Hawaiian surfing power.

In this new episode of Past Present Perfect, our series dedicated to aligning two like-minded and like-surfing styles from different decades to let them discuss both the similarities and differences in each experience, Sunny joins up-and-coming Hawaiian surfer Ezekiel Lau to discuss the impact that lineage has had on each.

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