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Past Present Perfect: Tom Curren & Conner Coffin Part 1: Rincon Presented by Rusty

Video: Troy Eckert

Welcome to our new show that pairs two like-styled individuals of two different generations. In this installment we sit down with two generations of Santa Barbara regularfoots who were groomed on points like Rincon. Tom Curren, widely regarded as the most stylish surfer we’ve maybe ever had, was both a mysterious personality and a silent competitive wizard. He sits down with modern day point slayer and powerhouse Conner Coffin to debate the way they both used their surroundings to develop a style that is very much a product of their hometown of Santa Barbara.

In this first episode Conner and Tom talk about the Queen of the Coast and how she’s changed and how she’s stayed just the same.

Check back Thursday for Part 2 of our interview with Tom Curren and Conner Coffin. 


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