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Rewind Me: Runman 69 With Ray Kleinman

04.30.14 – TAGS: , ,
Video: Troy Eckert

This Friday we’ll be launching a new series called Rewind Me. The series will be our ode to films and filmmakers we feel made us who we are today. All of us have films and parts that literally reshaped our lives. And this is our chance to show and tell our favorites. Films that remind us why we surf and why we (should) refuse to be pinned down and packaged. That being said, we couldn’t think of a better film to launch with than Runman 69.

The Runman film trilogy is the result of Morgan Runyon and Ray Kleiman’s experiment in documenting whatever they saw in LA and Hawaii, using Super 8 cameras and overlaid audio, during a time long before YouTube and Jackass and the copy-cat clips and films of the recent era. This was raw. Not even carried in surf shops usually and released when surfing was coming out of it’s first industry spit shine. Runman 69 was a bucket of sludge thrown all over the that shiny new spreadsheet. A well-timed reminder.

Tomorrow we’ll feature a rare interview with Ray Kleinman, one half of Runman, and then follow it up with a weekend screening room of Runman 69 in it’s entirety. We also printed a run of 69 very limited edition What Youth x Runman long sleeve t-shirts which will be on sale for a hot second this Friday morning. Be quick if you want one.

Above is a quick sample of what you’re in for.

what youth rewind me voluptuous

Rewind Me: Voluptuous: The Big Movie Jason Kenworthy’s ’90s anthem in its entirety

The intro to the movie sums it up best: there’s a tattoo, a punch, a hot ass and Kelly at Backdoor. More raw than Taylor Steele’s vids, all the antics of a classic …Lost vid, but a more exlcectic cast of characters and soundtrack. Voluptuous was the clincher vid on why surfing fucking ruled in…

what youth rewind me jason kenworthy voluptuous

Rewind Me: Voluptuous An interview with Jason Kenworthy, the man behind one of the most underground, raw surf vids of the ’90s. Come back tomorrow for the whole movie in it’s entirety.

The ’90s were dominated by Taylor Steele. His videos were clean, had great music, few funny skits, always got you psyched. But it wasn’t the only game in town. There were also …Lost vids, and for the deeper collector: There was Voluptuous. Voluptuous had everyone in it and more. Plus one of the best soundtracks…

rewind me kelly slater in black and white what youth

Rewind Me: Kelly Slater in Black and White Presented by Channel Islands

Our introduction to the King

dane reynolds first chapter rewind me what youth surfing

Rewind Me: First Chapter With Dane Reynolds

Dane Reynolds on the making of his signature film First Chapter

Rewind me lost 5'5" 19 1/4 what youth surfing

Rewind Me: 5’5″ x 19 1/4″ With Matt Biolos and Mike Reola

The importance of the “little fish film.”

rewind me the show taylor steele what youth surfing movie

Rewind Me: The Show With Taylor Steele

Sandwiched between Good Times and Loose Change, The Show was both the end of the “punk rock” moment in surfing and the beginning of the Momentum Generation’s big debut.

Rewind me what youth runman 69 surfing

Rewind Me: Runman 69 With Ray Kleinman

This was raw. Not even carried in surf shops usually and released when surfing was coming out of it’s first industry spit shine.

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