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Stay Tuned: Jake Anderson Playlist 028: The worst/best Mix ever made

what youth stay tuned jake anderson

We’re not exactly sure what the hell you’d call this radio station Jake Anderson has created for us in this new Stay Tuned — but it might be an entire new genre altogether. But it’s a damn good time and we’re backing it. It’s a little bit bipolar but it does the trick, so put it on, dance a little, cry a little and enjoy.

Make sure to get Issue 15 (out tomorrow!) to read our recent interview with Jake as well. And watch his Afternoon Interview below.

1. Killa Kam – Cam’ron

2. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue – Them

3. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

4. Andre N Andre – Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre

5. One Piece at a Time – Johnny Cash

6. Salba Sauce – Grindline The Band

7. The percocet & Stripper Joint – Future

8. Stay – Rihanna

9. Blue Light – Mazzy Star

10. Let Me Love You – Mario

what youth stay tund peter ramondetta

Stay Tuned: Peter Ramondetta Playlist 024: “15 Metal Songs in a Row” Playlist 024 Presented by D’Blanc

Last night we were sitting around trying to think how we describe Pete’s playlist properly. And then it hit us: This is basically 15 metal songs in a row from Pete. Stay tuned for more Pete too, we just got back from doing a trip to Japan with him. And there is no other way to…

stay tuned tanner rozunko what youth

Stay Tuned: Tanner Rozunko Playlist 023 presented by D’Blanc

God, he’s good. At most things, really. Surfing. Skating. Playing the bass guitar. He’s even really nice. And now we can add fucking awesome music curator to the list. Tanner Rozunko is a man of many skills, and we just exploited him for his playlist making. “It’s all like ’77 punk stuff. The golden age….

what youth dolan stearns stay tuned

Stay Tuned: Dolan Stearns Playlist 022 presented by D’Blanc

We asked Dolan Stearns to make us a playlist. He sent back what you see below, which happens to be a really good playlist. We didn’t even ask it to be good, but it is. And we’ve put it here for you to stream, because your house is too quiet. It’s strange and quiet. Let’s keep…

what youth stay tuned music

Stay Tuned: Johan Stuckey Playlist 021 Presented by D’Blanc

Johan Stuckey wears glasses. That much is obvious. The other things that make him fantastic are his parts in Cosmic Vomit 2 and his most recent WKND part (watch them below). The Vero Beach, Florida local moved here 5 years ago after getting his poor heart broken. Since then he’s skated for Habitat, Foundation and…

stay tuned what youth luke hynd

Stay Tuned: Luke Hynd Playlist 020 Presented by D’Blanc

Luke Hynd is exciting. For a couple reason. His surfing, for sure — he’s a blend of Mitch Coleborn and Craig Anderson. And if you’re a goofy foot that’s a nice combination to have. He’s also exciting because when we asked him to make this Stay Tuned Mixtape, he returned with a danceable playlist that…

what youth stay tuned ford archbold

Stay Tuned: Ford Archbold Playlist 019 Presented by D’Blanc

Ford Archbold plays in Tomorrows Tulips, a band influenced by Pavement, Galaxie 500, Further, and every other band you could classify as a genre they coined “Loser Rock.” His dad is surfing royalty and he’s been traveling the world ripping his entire life, and has recently continued to travel the world, only now he’s doing…

what youth stay tuned

Stay Tuned: Reverberation Radio Playlist 018 presented by D’Blanc

We all have a few friends who dig up rad old radio jams, mix in some new songs and blow our damn minds with their curating ability. Making playlists, setting great moods, getting the girl etc. Well, the dudes at Reverberation Radio — which is a gang of contributors that includes the Allah-Las, Nick Waterhouse, and Robbie Simon — have…

stay tuned andrew doheny what youth

Stay Tuned: Andrew Doheny Playlist 017 Presented by D’Blanc

Droids surfing became distracted a few years ago when he found music. Since then he’s toggled between going on surf trips and playing music while he’s at home. He now plays in a band called “Power Lunch”.  We saw him at the Cluster™ premiere and the whole time he had his headphones in listening to music…

Stay Tuned: Kevin Terpening Playlist 016 Presented by D’Blanc

For a guy who moved from Ohio to LA, professional skater Kevin Terpening sure has a refined sense of music. During a recent day well spent joining him at Home Depot, Petco and a variety of other errands and chores, Kevin sent us on our way with this playlist. We’ve since poached, blasted and sang…

Stay Tuned: Wade Goodall Playlist 015 Presented by D’Blanc

Wade Goodall is an underground indie-surf Lord. He’s always unexpected. Witty as fuck. And his timing is flawless. His surfing is incredible and his aura massive in the underground. He’s widely respected and influenced so many young surfers not only with his airs and surfing, but with his sick approach to everything. And unfortunately, we…

stay tuned kolohe andino what youth

Stay Tuned: Kolohe Andino Playlist 014 Vintage Love Songs Presented by D’Blanc

Vintage Love songs playlist curated by Kolohe Andino

stay tuned thom pringle

Stay Tuned: Thom Pringle Playlist 013 (best one yet!) Presented by D’Blanc

Thom Pringle shows you how to enter the Parisian night right.

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