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Stay Tuned: Juian Klincewicz Playlist 001 Presented by DBlanc

Julain Klincewicz of LUBE playlst stay tuned what youth

We used to make playlists for girls. Hell, we still do. It is a lost and underused medium really. Playlists. Mixed tapes. Burned CDs. Compilations of music curated by people who have time to think it matters. That’s us. They’re your own super albums. Themed out and specific for every hour of the day. And lucky for us we have access to some people who shred at making music, art, love, waves and especially playlists. So in our effort to educate, we’ll be unveiling this series of playlists called “Stay Tuned” throughout the year.

This first playlist was curated by Julian Clincewicz and Kiva Ivey of the band Lube. They’re from San Diego, get straight A’s, and shred at everything they touch it seems. They recently opened for Blouse and Perfect Pussy and are about to do their first west coast tour. In the meantime, we had them curate some tunes that you’ll find after the jump.


A bit about what you’re listening to by Julian Klincewicz and Kiva Ivey of the band Lube.

1. “Have Gun Will Travel” by Johnny Western
Johnny Western’s voice is soft as silk, The Morrissey of the wild west. Someday I’d like to write some cowboy songs if i can.

2. “Woke Up Sticky” by Peter Perrett and the One.
I feel like this song isn’t easy to get into, but once Peter Perrett starts singing it makes a lot more sense. All the noise that goes on in the background is really great too.

3. “I Wanna Be Adored” by The Stone Roses
Kiva introduced me to The Stone Roses. I’m pretty bad at actually listening to music, but when he played me this song it clicked right away.

4. “Range Life” by Pavement
Lyrically this song is great. A lot of times (for me at least), its hard to write lyrics that are honest, sound like you, and sound good. “Range Life” really nails all this for me. Also kind of goes along with my desire to write some cowboy songs — spend some time on a range, ride some horses, etc.

5. “Meet me in the Bathroom” (Live) by The Strokes
It’s my dream to play an MTV Two Dollar Bill like this. This whole concert is amazing.Watch the entire thing sometime.

6. “Because the Night” by Patti Smith
If you haven’t read Just Kids (Patti Smith Autobiography) yet, you’re missing out so much. That book made me want to move to New York, it made me cry, it got me so excited to write music. There’s this part where she describes how her and Robert Mapplethorpe were walking in the street at night, and they heard “Because the night” on the radio, and Robert looks at Patti and says “Patti, You got famous before I did.” Its so great.

7. “Stereo Sanctity” by Sonic Youth
I learned how to do frontside 5050’s on a flat bar to this song. I think it’d be kind of cool to do a video part to it.

8. “Temptation 87” by New Order
This is the jam! My favorite part is the Oh, you’ve got green eyes. Oh, you’ve got blue eyes. Oh, you’ve got grey eyes line.

9. “David Bowie I Love You (Since I Was Six)” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Anton Newcombe is a personal hero of mine even though a lot of people think he’s an asshole because of DIG! think his work ethic and the fact that he doesn’t let other people get in the way of his “vision” is admirable. This is one of my favorite songs off of “Take It From The Man!” The production is great all around and I really like how strained the vocals sound for some reason.

10. “Let It Flow” by Spiritualized
A really heavy song lyrically. The cool, calm vocals mixed with effected gospel-like vocals always make me feel like I’m floating. And then really hitting the ground when the heavy drums and guitar kick in. I think Jason Pierce is one of the few people who can make such fucked-up subject matter turn it into something beautiful.

11. “China Steps” by Women
Off of one of my favorite records of the last 10 years or so. I love the way they mix really, really hypnotic krautrock beats with detuned no-wave guitar lines — not to mention the great, eerie vocals. Women always are one of the few contemporary bands that acknowledge music history. It’s a shame they couldn’t have put out one more record.

12. “Marquee Moon” by Television
One of my favorite “guitar albums.” Always loved the way Television seemed to be weaving their guitar-lines. I think this song in particular is a great example of all the instruments pulling in different directions but also coming together at the same time.

13. “Astronomy Dominee” by Pink Floyd
Could never get into post-Barrett Pink Floyd, but “Piper At The Gates of Dawn” is one of my favorite albums of all time. The way this song builds up gradually is really great. I feel like this song really combines the best of Syd Barretts sporadic tendencies and a really tight rhythm section.

14. “The Great Pub Rock Revival” by Denim
I’ve been a huge Felt fan for a long time but when I first heard Denim I couldn’t get into it. After a while I really got into how unapologetically “pop” they were. Denim On Ice’s “The Great Pub Rock Revival” is a really good, straightforward, rock song, with a really catchy chorus.

15. “Someone Else” by Pure X
Saw these guys play at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock with Sun Araw a few months ago. Some of them were on ecstasy and seemed to be really “jamming,” which was great. A totally different experience live than on record. I think “Someone Else” is a good example of the “album” side of Pure X. It’s an insanely emotional song with really great vocal delivery.

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