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Stay Tuned: Reverberation Radio Playlist 018 presented by D’Blanc

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We all have a few friends who dig up rad old radio jams, mix in some new songs and blow our damn minds with their curating ability. Making playlists, setting great moods, getting the girl etc. Well, the dudes at Reverberation Radio — which is a gang of contributors that includes the Allah-LasNick Waterhouse, and Robbie Simon — have made it an art form. This weekend they’ll be DJing the Cosmic Creek surf event at Salt Creek that will warm up the crowd before Froth and Tropical Popsicle. And since they’re expert at playlists, we had to ask them for an exclusive Stay Tuned list. And they didn’t disappoint. This one has your weekend written all over it. Folky, poppy and groovy all at once. And just because we were curious we hit the boys up the hear a bit more about the movement. Enjoy the music, and read up on your new source for good tunes and endless playlists at Reverberation Radio—Travis 

Track listing for Reverberation 166: 

1. Groupe Folklorique Montagnais – Tshekuan Mak Tshetutamak

2. Daniel Moore – May 16, ’75

3. Nilsson & Cher – A Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knocking Every Day)

4. Greenwood, Curlee and Clyde – Changes

5. Smokey and His Sister – Where There’s Fire

6. Tim Dawe – Nothing At All

7. Louie and The Lovers – Forgive Me This Time

8. Doug Sahm – It’s Gonna Be Easy

9. Tim Hollier – And It’s Happening To Her

10. Lee Hazlewood – A Rider On A White Horse

What Youth: How would you define Reverberation Radio? 

Robbie Combs: At it’s core, Reverberation is a circle of friends with a deep passion for music. It started over a decade ago as a music club where recent discoveries were shared and later morphed into a radio show/music supervision/international DJ collective. It’s first public incarnation was on KXLU 88.9 FM in Los Angeles. Reverberation had a good run on FM airwaves, in fact some of the first Allah-Las demos (and many other LA bands) debuted on the show, but eventually got kicked off the air for not following the station rules. The show laid fallow for over a year — it was a sad time for Reverb and its listeners. Good news is we figured out how to bring it back to life on The Internets. Now Reverberation is a weekly online radio boasting 150k unique listeners worldwide. To date, nearly 4 million mixes have been downloaded since June 2013.

What’s your strategy on finding eclectic music? You’re probably not going to give this up are you haha…
No strict method. That’s what keeps it creative and fun.
What’s the most random opportunity that’s come from Reverberation Radio? 
Besides all the cool places we’ve gotten to travel for live sets (i.e. Spain, Argentina, Brazil, UK, USA, etc.), it’s been very exciting to find out who listens to Reverberation. Looking at the Google analytics first opened our eyes to Reverb’s listeners worldwide: reaching beyond North America and Europe all over South America, South East Asia, Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa — we figured that all these thousands and thousands of unique visitors couldn’t all be bots. It was motivating. Sometimes fans reach out which we always appreciate even if we can’t always get back to them.

Apparently Reverberation is listened to on sets of Playboy shoots. People have told us they’ve heard our mixes at top department stores and restaurants in NYC, barber shops in Chicago, surf shops in L.A., countless record shops and label offices around the world.

We know a slough of pro skaters and surfers who look forward to the mixes. As well as some of the most respected fashion gurus: Steve Gorrow, Creative Director at Billabong, listens. Also, David Bonnouvrier at DNA Management tunes in. Recently people told us in Rio de Janeiro that they regularly host dance parties playing exclusively our mixes. It’s inspiring to us.

Verb (3)

What’s happening next?

More digging. More mixes. We are interested in doing music supervision for film. We enjoyed working with Tin Ojeda promoting his Expencive Porno Movie. There’s talk of starting a reissue record label. We also have a lot more live sessions coming up including the Cosmic Creek Surf Comp this weekend, sets in Manchester and Leeds in early June, the Kona Surf Film Festival in Palm Springs June 19, Otalith Festival in British Columbia in August to name a few. More on the way!

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