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Straight Forward: P-Pass Episode 003 (RIP Ricardo)


Editor’s note: We lost a good one yesterday in Ricardo Dos Santos, and the immediate outpouring of love and respect and toasts to his short and well-lived life is evidence of what an impact he had on us, whether you knew him personally or not. And at time’s like this, when there is no answer or sense in the matter, the best thing we can do is REMEMBER. Remember him. Remember your friends. Remember those moments. And it’s with complete certainty we know this session will be remembered by everyone who was there for a long time, and Ricardo was there. As he always will be. R.I.P. Ricardo. —Travis

“I swear we all left that place best friends,” Luke Davis said of this strike to P-Pass right before Christmas. “It’s crazy how good the vibes were in the water. Alex Gray couldn’t stop singing songs. We all got barreled. I amp so hard on all the guys that were surfing out there.”

This edition of Straight Forward is no frills, no nonsense just a big spotlight pointed at the swell smashing into the chunky reef at P Pass in Micronesia and the madmen who parked inside those chunks.

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