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Straight Forward: Soli Bailey Episode 011

One of the most satisfying things we can do these days is sift through the infinite edits released and find one that clicks. One you can just jam replay on a bunch of times and get psyched. And this part from Soli Bailey is all you’ll need today and this week and beyond. Rad style. Flair. Power and a barrel prowess.

And we don’t know what it is about Australia but they love throwing amazing surfers with wild names at us. Then expect us to sort out where they stand among a crop of thousands. But this one was easy. Soli shreds and this part got us really fired up.

dillon perillo straight forward surfing what youth

Straight Forward: Dillon Perillo Episode 001

Sometimes it’s nice to just watch someone with a good style go surfing. That’s what this is.

P-Pass straight forward what youth surfing

Straight Forward: P-Pass Episode 003 (RIP Ricardo)

No frills, no nonsense just a big spotlight pointed at the swell smashing into the chunky reef at P Pass in Micronesia.

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