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What Youth Reports: Beach Goth Episode 007

Third Beach Goth is a charm. Are you in or are you out? This week the Growlers put on their Beach Goth Music Festival at the Observatory in Santa Ana California and we were IN to witness all their tricks and treats.

The day was jam packed with live music and performances from local favorite Burger Records bands like The Garden, Gap Dream, and Cosmonauts, all the way to rap genius Gza, shoegaze babes DIIV and everything else in between. It was also decked out in beach vibes, goth vibes, Oompa Loompas, carnival rides, ’90s rave décor and lots of teenagers in costumes making out.

It’s complicated to explain because that’s exactly what it was: a complicated teenage wasteland amidst a pool of rock ‘n’ rollers. To attend was like living in a Dali painting  – sort of freaky, seemingly cool, borderline genius, trippy and terrifying – but when it all comes together it makes for a beautiful work of art.

The Growlers were there to guide and host you through the weirdness for better or worse. Somewhere between the booze, the photobooth photos, Foxygen and cheeseburgers, we had Guitarist/ Keyboardist of the Growlers, Kyle Straka — better known as “Uncle Ronnie” — take us for a little tour around the Artist VIP area to bring you a taste of the feels at Beach Goth 2014. —Asal Shahindoust

You can order The Growlers’ newest album, Chinese Fountain here. 

PHOTOS: Isaac Zoller and Michael Cukr

what youth daydream surf shop

WY Reports: Daydream Surf Shop Our favorite neighborhood coffee and surf shop hangout

Down the street from the What Youth office is a new spot that fuels our coffee and surf daydreams. It’s cleverly enough called Daydream Surf Shop. It is the vision of Kyle Kennely (the creative behind the 3 Slobs, remember them?) and great surfer in his own right and his girlfriend Becca Mantei. Our office is…

Mark Oblow's Back Den What Youth Reports

What Youth Reports: Mark Oblow’s Back Den Episode 008

Tour the Back Den archive with the man himself.

beach goth what youth the growlers

What Youth Reports: Beach Goth Episode 007

The Growlers put on their Beach Goth Music Festival at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California and we were there to witness all the tricks and treats.

what youth reports depactus what youth

What Youth Reports: Depactus Episode 006

It’s called Depactus and we got our first glimpse of it during the Agenda Show last week.

What youth reports freedom artists

What Youth Reports: Freedom Artists Episode 005

Freedom Artists are a group of surfers and skaters who have turned the artwork of their talented friends and artist’s work into rad, one of a kind shirts, done the old fashioned way, with a screen print.

Tamba Surf shop hawaii what youth reports

What Youth Reports: Tamba Surf Shop Episode 004

You’ve no doubt seen the shirts. The boards. The hats. The gear. And the boys. Tamba is a staple for those in Hawaii, and it’s no surprise when you see it popping up more and more in California, Australia and around the world.

What Youth Reports The Frog House Andrew2 Doheny Ford Archbold

What Youth Reports: The Frog House Episode 003

We welcome Andrew Doheny to the Frog House team with male nudity and Coors Light.

What Youth reports analog wheel wash

What Youth Reports: Analog Wheel Wash Episode 002

If we’re being straight, this idea has the syrupy scent of the marketing department. But since we first wore Analog’s Wheel Wash denim (Dylan Rieder’s signature Dylan Jean) we’ve become fairly monogamous.

What Youth reports Univ

What Youth Reports: Univ Episode 001

We visit Tim Swart, founder and proprietor, to learn about UNIV.

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