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Paperback Point Alex Knost, Wade Goodall and Ford Archbold in Mexico

Video: Victor Pakpour

An ascending, tumbling, crumbling, patient, speedy, soft, warm, friendly reminder of how the ocean behaves at the Mexican coast. Just like this forever.
Surfing by Alex Knost, Wade Goodall and Ford Archbold

If Mexico strikes your fancy today, go back again with Dion Agius in the What Youth original short Bright Grey.

Craig Anderson final surf for slow dance chippa wilson what youth surfing

The Final surf for Slow Dance Craig Anderson let us come along on the final day of filming for Slow Dance

It’s pretty hard to find moments like this. The last day of school maybe? First day of a long vacation? Who knows, gotta feel good though. After a long year of filming and working on his new film, Craig Anderson finally made it to the last day of filming for Slow Dance, which comes out…

beauty pockets dion agius creed mctaggart mitch coleborn surfing what youth kai neville

Beauty Pockets The world is a fucked up place with pockets of beauty

You saw it in the mag. Now see it come to cinematic life. Beauty Pockets is a short film that was produced by the boys at Epokhe, who happen to be some of our best friends.

owen wright ozzie wright bali surfing what youth

Wright Brothers from Other Mothers Ozzie and Owen Wright tagging boards and lefts in Bali

We had a dream too. It was to bring together two of our favorite surfers — Ozzie Wright, the trippy gothic pirate hippie goon of doom who’s generally wandering the globe sliding across rocks and airing off anything he can find and Owen Wright, the ASP World Title contender, and freesurfing wizard with an artistic…

kolohe anding dane reynolds yadin nichol dillon perillo surfing in japan what youth dear suburbia

Wake Up, It’s Over A day in Japan worth pinching yourself over

An original What Youth short film featuring Yadin Nicol, Conner Coffin, Dane Reynolds and Kolohe Andino dodging typhoons and enjoying the aftermath: a machine-like sand point breaking just off the beach. All before going on to create their own storm in the streets of Osaka. For more from Japan, watch the first Prequel to Dear…

Kolohe Andino surfing in west oz australia what youth

Kolohe Andino One Session Kolohe’s barrel to air transition game on display

Western Australia has become an aerialist and a barrel riders heaven. Wild winds of all directions, slabs, reefs, tubes and more corner pocket ramps than you know what to do with. It’s easy to see why guys like Kolohe and John John are making this a must stop for gathering clips. The boys love it…

youth on the run what youth memoirs 2012

2012 Memoirs A year in review

What Youth was born in 2012, and it makes us misty thinking about all the fun we had last year. But it’s only just begun. We currently just got home from a magical spirit quest into the rough and tumble Pacific Northwest and are packing those same bags that were filled with jackets and 5/4/3’s…

Jack Freestone filmed by Jack Coleman what youth surfing

Warm Light A What Youth short starring Jack Freestone

Super-8 footage is warm and raw. It makes you feel nostalgic and the outcome is always candid and honest. This film was shot in Bali and stars Jack Freestone. Filmed and edited by Jack Coleman

The Boys Fin ditches in Hawaii set to Cold Cave

If this doesn’t make you wanna go ditch the fins with your friends today then nothing will.

Brendon Gibbens what youth surfing

Meet Brendon Gibbens A polite young man with a fucked up alley oop

A while back Brendon Gibbens came through What Youth and sat on our couch. He was tagging along with Dion Agius and Craig Anderson. He was very polite and friendly. Everyone was skating around the warehouse talking shit and hanging out. We had no idea Brendon even surfed. Cut to a few months later in…

owen wright surfing in california what youth

Usual Highway A What Youth Original short film starring Owen Wright

In this What Youth short film Owen Wright scours the California coast in a Recreational Vehicle looking for wedges and trouble. He finds one of those things. This is a short film starring Owen Wright.

behind the sceenes of epokhe kai neville dion agius what youth

Behind the Lense of Epokhe Somewhere in the middle of America

as we all packed up and went home for the evening, Kai and Dion and our good friend Grady Archbold went to the deserted desert somewhere in the middle of America, shot the sunrise with these models and returned the next day with magical imagery and film.

Owen wright julian wilson kolohe andino jordy smith sufing what youth

Rainy Day Schedule Kolohe Andino, Jordy Smith, Owen Wright and Julian Wilson in Santa Cruz

Steamer Lane is kelp, rocks, odd sections and cold water blended together. Factor in a cliff of hecklers, very high placement on the food chain, persistent rain and clouds, an aggressive crowd and you’ll see why it can be a very interesting place to watch. Here we feature a few of our favorite approaches to…

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