Surfing, Skateboarding, Music, Photography, Travel, Culture and general antics of the youth on the run.

Watch “Some Kind of Vacation” California is a multiple choice question. And we chose all of the above. New film from WY and Richer Poorer.

“We were just the hell crew. The kind where people were giving us the ‘Oh fuck, please don’t look at anything or you might break it!’ look. It was great.” —Evan Mock

It was a road trip of course. The pavement kind. Rubber to road. The junk food- and litter-filled van kind. Wet wetsuits everywhere. Skateboards. Clothes. Shoes. Socks. And sand. A trip where morning and evening light blend into one. Your body aches and your mind races. You’re either cramped in a car or skating a bowl or running down an unfamiliar dirt road to see if it reaches the sea. Body tweaked. Mind warped. Every playlist in the car burnt to a crisp. Songs blend together. The tires his the pavement early one morning and we ended up and down the golden frontier that is California and arrived somewhere by nightfall. In between destinations we saw what’s become of California. And Californians. There were some friends. Some strangers. But we crossed them all. Weirdos. Women. Truckers. Pirates. Locals. Farmers. Hippies. Hipsters. Bums. And Hell’s Angels. And that was just the first gas station.

Enjoy the show: Starring Ian Crane, Dylan Goodale and Evan Mock with Jake Anderson, Curren Caples, Nat Young, Cole Sandman and lots of California. Presented by Richer Poorer. 

dillon perillo jack freestone evan geiselman surfing what youth

Temporary Vacation, Part 1 A What Youth original short

Laughter, delirium, caffeine, skateboarding, trash humping, girl hunting and lots of punting.

Dane Reynolds Dillon perillo surfing san francisco what youth

New Typewriters Dane and Dillon in San Francisco

Dane and Dillon are both contributing writers in the first issue of What Youth Quarterly, and in the fine tradition of writers past they made for San Francisco, and caught a wave. What Youth Quarterly, Issue One is off to the printers. It’ll be available for online purchase here at this month. Sign up…

Craig Anderson at home by what youth

Roof Walls Craig At home with Craig Anderson

One whole week at Craig’s house in Newcastle with no waves to speak of. Instead, a vignette of domestic moments.

Mitch Coleborn and Craig Anderson traveling for What Youth

Seat 26c Sitting between Mitch Coleborn and Craig Anderson on a plane

Ever sat between Mitch Coleborn and Craig Anderson on a plane? We have. And now you have too. Kinda.

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