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what youth recommends taylor steele proximity

Watch the Trailer for “Proximity” A new film from Taylor Steele (Wow, it’s nice to write that)

Unless you’re like a crusty old bitter guy, there’s a good chance you’ve been a fan or know Taylor Steele’s...
Albee Layer, 540

Albee Layer’s backside 7 (with revert) A first on film

I mean, he spins 900, flies above 700. Either way, big congrats to Maui boy Albee Layer, and thanks for committing...
The making of Taylor Steele's new movie "Proximity".

Watch the Making of “Proximity” A new Taylor Steele flick coming soon

We found something to look forward to. Taylor Steele is making a new surf film and it’s going to be called...
what youth recommends in between giants

Watch Albee Layer In Between Giants Something’s officially stirring in Maui

There’s officially something in the water in Maui. After the very impressive release from Maui’s Kai Barger, it’s been followed...
what youth recommends cold and lovable

Watch Cold & Lovable With Albee Layer, Cam Richards, Kalin Daly, and Tyler Larronde

Cinematographically this video is mesmerizing. The waves definitely look frigid but fun and it’s shot like a Nat Geo feature and...

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