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what youth mark oblow back den austyn gillette


Austyn Gillette just added some serious weight to his already strong legacy with his new part for FORMER called ‘Radiant...
what youth austyn gillette

Austyn Gillette Hates Calling “It” a Sport On Skating, Surfing, + FORMER for Playboy

Suspend the fact that Playboy is now making skateboards from your mind for a minute – because that is a...
what youth recommends former 804 yale

Former’s “804 Yale” location is opening With music, beer, and rad exclusive pieces. This weekend in Los Angeles.

Last night I found myself Googling the shit out of things to do and places to go this weekend (swell...
what youth recommends salomon cardenas

Watch WKND Welcome Salomon Cardenas Another solid addition to the most fun team in skateboarding

Thrasher released this footage about a month ago, but we love WKND and Salomon Cardenas is insane. We’ve said it...
Craig Anderson, HUF

Craig Anderson is still keeping it HUF We can all still wear skate shoes

At one (strange) time or another, it was considered weird for a skate brand like HUF to sign a surfer to...
what youth recommends jake austyn former

Premium Violence on asphalt Watch Jake Anderson and Austyn Gillette for Former

Just enough to make you want more. But definitely worth watching and when you want more at the end of...
what youth afternoon interview former dane reynolds craig anderson austyn gillette

Afternoon Interview: Former Episode 057: Dane, Craig, Austyn, Jake and Warren talk about their second range release and Dane’s new “Premium Violence” part

We walked into Former’s Chinatown studio a little early. Dane was lodged behind a monitor editing his “Premium Violence” part...
what youth issue 18 release party ace hotel los angeles

What Youth Issue 18 Release Affair Here’s like a million and one photos from our party with Former, Need Essentials and Vans at The Ace Hotel in Downtown LA

Friday night was a big one. For us, for you, for the Ace Hotel, for Former, For LA Witch, for...
what youth recommends a tutorial on how not to get in the olympics austyn gillette jake anderson

How to Not Get in the Olympics Austyn Gillette and Jake Anderson rip the park in Santa Barbara

Last Friday we surfed Emma Wood with Dane. While we were out there Curren Caples paddled out…and then on the...
what youth recommends skateboarding huf japan tour

Huf City Japan Tour Austyn Gillette, Josh Matthews, Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo and Jake Anderson tear up Tokyo

It was fun watching the Huf team takeover Monster Children’s Instagram account while they were in Japan, (I’m sure a...
what youth recommends former dane reynolds craig anderson austyn gillette

Former is here Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson and Austyn Gillette’s new clothing line is live (and it looks good)

Yesterday I went on a rant. I do that. Wine at night and all. I said things felt alarmingly stale in...
what youth recommends skateboarding huf japan

The HUF team skating in Japan Shot entirely on iPhone by Brad Cromer

The modern condition: The HUF team skating in Japan, shot entirely on iPhone by Brad Cromer.
what youth copenhagen skateboarding

Watch the Copenhagen Open Movie You will get contact lit watching this

This film does an amazing job of capturing just how unique and rad the CPH Pro is. It is a...
what youth recommends austyn gillette skateboarding los angeles

Austyn Gillette in “Angeles Forest” One take of one beautiful line shot by Riley Blakeway

Austyn takes one run down the highway in the Angeles forest. One take shot by Riley Blakeway and my is...
what youth one roll jordan brown ishod wair copenhagen

One Roll 017: The Copenhagen Open Shot and captioned by Jordan Brown

Every year all of skating’s best descend on Copenhagen. Jordan Brown was there running around with his trusty point and...
what youth recommends huf nyc brad cromer austyn gillette

The Huf Team in NYC Starring Austyn Gillette, Jake Anderson, Matt Gottwig, Brad Cromer and Dick Rizzo

The Huf team includes some of our very favorite skaters, and they just went to New York (another favorite) and...
what youth back den austyn gillette craig anderson

Austyn Gillette and Craig Anderson, Hawaii, 2015 Back Den 097

“september 19 2015 hawaii huf tour. austyn gearing up for what they call getting down, about to take bodysurfing to...
what youth recommends austyn gillette WKND

WKND Welcomes Austyn Gillette To the lot…and the team

Johan Stuckey and the WKND dudes are…welcoming Austyn Gillette to the lot. And the team. Watch the vid…and remember “Butt’s...
what youth recommends austyn gillette huf 2

A Little Austyn Gillette for your day Three clips is all we need

Austyn Gillette is a modern renaissance man. A bonafide one man band. Skating, acting, hosting, pranking, making music etc. You...
what youth mark oblow back den austyn gillette

Austyn Gillette, Costa Mesa 2016 Back Den 085

“i always love when my friends surprise me with a visit. austyn had just got back from Oz, picked up...
The What Youth 2015 Top 5 Parties

The What Youth 2015 The Top 5 What Youth Parties of the year

Word’s out: we like to have fun. Because when you work hard on projects, you have to work hard at celebrating their...

Craig Anderson, Dylan Rieder and Austyn Gillette on the Huf Tour in Hawaii Back Den 056

“i was lucky to be on the huf tour in hawaii with these boys last week. it makes me very...
what youth off beat austyn gillette

Off Beat: Austyn Gillette Episode 023: On American healthcare, selling out and being a “surfer’s skater”

We have Austyn Gillette on the brain. For a lot of reasons really, some obvious ones being his ridiculous skating and...
what youth recommends austyn gillete skateboarding

Watch Austyn Gillette’s New Huf Part A friendly reminder as to how good he is

Today Austyn Gillette released this out of nowhere Huf part that is a wild reminder of how damn good he...
lizards of summer what youth

Lizards of Summer: Season Two Premieres May 1

The return of video dregs
Noa Deane fuck the wsl what youth surfing

On “Fucking the WSL” We never intended to get them so laid

I’ve got a bone to pick. And it aint with the ASP, WSL, PGA, NFL or any other softball leagues....
cluster premiere what youth

The World Premiere of Cluster presented by Monster Energy and Huf Photos and video and captions from a bent world

We all have black fingernails and a new appreciation for Madonna’s body thanks to Craig Anderson’s very well-curated Huf goody...
Craig Anderson, Huf what youth surfing

Craig Anderson and Huf A short film

A short film from Huf starring Craig Anderson.
austyn gillete what youth part friend skateboarding

Dear Youth Our weekend with Austyn Gillette and Part Friend

Austyn Gillette was down in San Clemente for physical therapy on Friday. He said he’d be back to his house...
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 005

Last night Ellen Degeneres broke Twitter. Today, we’re breaking the whole damn Internet. With an all new Lizards of Summer....
Austyn Gillette Fairly Normal What Youth

Fairly Normal: Austyn Gillette Episode 007

A lethal combination of style, technical prowess and the most precise bit of fuck-it, all baked in to produce what...
Austyn Gillette fairly normal collected thought what youth skateboarding

Austyn Gillette at home in Los Angeles, California Collected Thoughts 045

We went to Austyn Gillette’s house this week. And for those of you who haven’t met him, the two best...

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