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Newsstand: “City Surf” A book by Nate Lawrence and Leo Maxam

Well, if you’ve followed What Youth for any amount of time you would have seen the unmistakable photographic excellence of...

Watch “These Violent Delights” By Dion Agius

This flick is delightful. A seven-day boat trip in paradise accompanied by some of Haydenshapes’ finest lads and the latest...

Leo Valls Roaming Paris in “The Ocean” by Blake Myers

When Blake Myers isn’t dropping the next big surf flick, he’s working on passion projects in France, like this little...
what youth recommends lukas ionesco sold my life

Listen to: LUKAS IONESCO Watch his video (shot by Zack Spiger and edited by Blake Myers) for his first single “Sold My Life”

One of our own had a hand in this beautifully shot vid and new song, and it being love day and...
what youth recommends good weekend leo valls

Watch Leo Valls in “Good Weekend” A short film from Blake Myers shot in Leo’s hometown of Bordeaux, France

Blake Myers is living in Paris and making great art. “Good Weekend,” his most recent short film project is more...
what youth recommends val bauer en transit

Watch Val Bauer “En Transit” A short skate film by Blake Myers shot on location in Paris

Take time with Val Bauer and explore Paris through the lens of Blake Myers. Shot beautifully on super 16mm with...
what youth cluster surfing movie

We have Cluster Nostalgia Mitch Coleborn came over and fired us up for more of this

It’s no big secret that there’s still a scythe-toting grim reaper hovering over the formerly fun and care-free surfing industry. And...
what youth adidas magenta paris

Watch “Boulevard Magenta” A beautiful skate through the streets of Paris to kick of the collab between Magenta Skateboards and Adidas

Paris is not all corner cafes and cigarettes and sexy dark eyed stares. It’s also a skate playground. There are...
what youth inside magenta adidas skateboarding collab paris blake myers

Watch “Inside Magenta” Skateboard through Paris with Vivien Feil of Magenta Skateboards and learn about their new collab with Adidas

Vivien Feil started Magenta Skateboards in 2010 with his brother Jean and friend Soy Panday. And it started as a...
what youth recommends blake myers showreel 2017

Watch Blake Myers’ ShowReel This…and he has a winning record against Gabriel Medina

Blake Myers once beat Gabriel Medina (and Keanu Asing) in a heat at the ISA World games. It’s still one...

What Youth on the North Shore “We are not Subway”

We land in Honolulu before midnight and immediately make our way to the Thrifty Car Rental place to grab our car. Everything was...
what youth recommends jordy smith in collecting dust

Jordy Smith in Collecting Dust Jordy just dropped a hammer…

Jordy has been sitting on this footage for quite some time. Naturally he called on one our very own, Blake Myers,...
what youth lizards of summer

The Lizards of Summer Playlist All 16 episodes in one place

If this doesn’t get you in the mood to hit the road, fill your cup and fuck “the feed” off,...
what youth 4 years dane reynolds surfing

4 Years Ago Today We Released This The first visions of What Youth

Maybe the wine is making us feel extra nostalgic tonight (what else is new), but it presents a nice moment...
what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 015: Gerr, Taj, Dinky, Japan, Panama, Vancouver, Metallica and many other international terminals and street corners

Well, the Eddie is off today. But all is definitely not lost. Because we’re back with an all-new Lizards of...

I still haven’t seen Cluster either And it’s being made in the room next to me

I didn’t think I’d have to write that. But there it is. The morning of the premiere and I still...
Creed McTaggart what youth cluster

Dear Youth What Youth HQ during the making of Cluster

This is us on deadline.
Less is Less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart and blake myers

Less Is Less Radio Episode 005

Live from Jeffrey's Bay it's Andrew Doheny, Beau Foster, Creed McTaggart and Blake Myers.
what youth nti sheeto framegrabs surfing

Frame grabs from the Nti Sheeto dungeon A new film experience presented by Glove and What Youth

Last night Dion Agius let us peek behind the curtain at some frame grabs of the upcoming film he’s working...
Less is Less Radion show on what youth with creed mctaggart and blake myers and brendon gibbens

Less Is Less Radio Episode 003

In this episode, Creed talks about crying on a plane because of Occy, scabies cures, floater 360s and Silverchair while...
Less is Less radio show starring blake myers creed mctaggart what youth

Less Is Less Radio Episode 002

This time the boys get it done on a cool, wine-drinking night on the south coast of Australia.
Less is less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart

Less Is Less Radio Episode 001

This first radio show features Blake and Creed with Thom Pringle and Brendon Gibbens. You might wanna get a coffee/beer.
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 002

There's no explaining this. It's a celebration.
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 001

Just a bunch of lizards sunning themselves all over this funny rock we live upon.
what youth dear suburbia sugarloaf

Sugarloaf Diaries Kai goes into the hills to edit Dear Suburbia

Dear Suburbia, will world premiere August 2nd during the US Open of Surfing and it’s shaping up to be quite...

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