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what youth recommends

The Body Corporate Trailer Antihero’s newest film coming July 25th

A full length feature starring the Antihero team in New Zealand. Coming to skate shops & iTunes July 25th.
what youth recommends ed templeton

Watch “BS with TG: Ed Templeton” Always good to hear from Ed

Bookmark this for a nice Saturday morning viewing. Great insight and interesting stories from one of skate culture’s heroes and...
what youth recommends surfing

Watch Alejandro Moreda in “Mó Ale” Bali arcs and backside threading presented by Sanuk

We’ve known Alejandro Moreda for a long time. Since before he caught everyone’s eye with one of the craziest waves...
what youth recommends sessions keramas

Watch “Sessions, Keramas” With Taj Burrow, Jack Robinson, Mikey Wright, Sebastian Zietz & more

Fresh footage from long ago. Plenty of talent and plenty of waves. Have fun.
what youth recommends greyson fletcher bali

Greyson Fletcher in Bali Tranny and Bintangs all over Bali

Greyson Fletcher skating some fun transition and rough street spots during a month long trip in Bali. Never hurts to...
what youth recommends knosty in oz

Watch “Knosty in Oz” Longboarding’s never looked so punk

I don’t know what it is, but certain dudes can make longboarding so punk, and Alex Knost is the epitome...
what youth recommends na-kel smith raw and uncut real street

Raw Clips from Na-kel Smith’s Street Part Real as hell

Skate vids are always showing the money shot, but what about all the turbulence to get there? Na-Kel’s outtakes and...
what youth recommends wayward bsides

Greetings from the Leftovers Really good looking surfing with Craig Anderson and Julian Wilson

You’d be hard pressed to find better looking surfing than this. Some B-Sides from Julian’s recent vid “Wayward.”
what youth recommends visslas pedros bay trailer

Vissla’s “Pedro’s Bay” Trailer A new film is coming. Starring Brendon Gibbens, Eric Geiselman, Cam Richards and more

Vissla continues to create and innovate and it sounds like are releasing a new film this summer called “Pedro’s Bay”...
what youth recommends pink luke davis

Luke Davis in “Pink” This will get you passed the sharks at Lowers

The color correction will remind you of a vintage Lost vid, which is rad, because Luke is riding a Mayhem...
what youth recommends caramello

Watch “Caramello” Skating in Italy with Remy Taveira & more

A video by James Cruickshank for a brief glance skateboardmag, in association with Converse Cons. Filmed on location in the...
what youth recommends quartersnacks zered bassett all time remix

Watch “Zered Bassett All Time Remix” The Kylie Minogue remix

Holy shit, they remixed Kylie Minogue to this All Timers part of Zared Bassett and it worked! Filmed by Richard...
what youth recommends rust starring harry bryant

Watch Harry Bryant in “Rust” Shades of Noa Deane in a mirror? Maybe yes!

First thing I thought of — and maybe it’s the Rusty on the nose — was now somewhat vintage Cluster days...
what youth recommends jay davies native rvca

Watch Jay Davies in a new trailer Looks like we’ll be getting a vid called “Native” very soon

If we’ve learned anything the past few years, it’s that when Jay Davies puts out an edit, you click on it....
what youth recommends lakai the flare

Watch Lakai’s “The Flare” Trailer New full-length film, first one since Fully Flared, coming in July

A new Lakai video is always something to talk about, and so here they are giving us something to talk...
what youth recommends jesse guglielmana

Watch Brixton’s Jesse Guglielmana Basically shred everything in this psyching edit

Jesse Guglielmana isn’t your prototypical Kauai guy, even though he spent a good portion of his childhood growing up on...
what youth recommends luis vid ow frog skateboards

Watch “Luis Vid Ow!” From Frog Skateboards with Luis Ouida, Ringo, & Jalba

Skateboarding continues to not take itself too seriously, and Frog Skateboards always reminds us of that. Rad vid, no pretense.
what youth recommends here i am ryan burch

Watch “Here I am” starring Ryan Burch There’s so many ways to do it

Ever since Ryan Burch torched that South American pointbreak, we’ve been adjusting our quivers to include something unique. Time to...
what youth recommends bobby martinez and friends

Watch “Bobby Martinez & Friends” Surfing around SB with Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, and Parker Coffin

There still aren’t many guys with a backhand like Bobby. Even in the bumpiest conditions, he can still put it...
what youth recommends young souls and old dreams

Yago Dora in “Young Souls & Old Dreams” Hawaii and Indo with our favorite Brazilian goofy foot

He’s attaching some power to his air game. Kid continues to evolve and get better somehow. Charging and ripping simultaneously...
what youth recommends clay marzo you know

Watch Clay Marzo in “You Know” Exactly the crazy surfing you’d expect from Clay

Still mind boggling. Still hard to comprehend. Clay is up there with guys like Matt Meola where you wonder how...
what youth recommends donovon piscopo

Watch Donovan Piscopo in Los Angeles Nike SB released his shoe, we get this really sick vid

I think this is to promote a shoe, but it is so gnarly that we barely noticed. Donovan Piscopo tearing...
what youth recommends same same but different torren martyn

Watch ” Same same but different” Starring Torren Martyn and some backhand artistry at Desert Point

Cutting the bullshit out of surfing can help make it look much more tasteful. Torren Martyn surfs that way and Desert...
what youth recommends atlas blue cam richards

Watch “Atlas Blue” Barbados turns ripping blue starring Cam Richards and Michael Dunphy

Cam Richards and Michael Dunphy enjoy some Barbados. A little something for whatever foot you put forward here. Watch our...
what youth recommends a tutorial on how not to get in the olympics austyn gillette jake anderson

How to Not Get in the Olympics Austyn Gillette and Jake Anderson rip the park in Santa Barbara

Last Friday we surfed Emma Wood with Dane. While we were out there Curren Caples paddled out…and then on the...
what youth recommends matt meola numb

Watch Matt Meola in “Numb” This is fucked up

Matt Meola has long been an underrated aerialists, and he’s actually rated pretty high, which is still underrated. You’ll agree...
what youth recommends rvca astrodeck collection herbie fletcher

Herbie Fletcher “Inspired by” RVCA presents a rad look back at Astrodeck

You’d be up against a tough wall if you were trying to argue that something was more OG in surfing...
what youth recommends illegal civilization 3 promo

Illegal Civilization 3 Coming Soon! IC Sold Out Webster Hall & Skated Stoner Park

Illegal Civ showed a short film and the IC3 promo, Show Me The Body Leven Kali, Taco, Amine, and G...

When commercials go good Rick McCrank jumps the Shmoo for his new guest pro Krooked board

To celebrate his Guest Pro board with Krooked Skateboards, Rick McCrank came to San Francisco to shred with his buddy...
what youth recommends johan stuckey skateboarding

Watch Johan Stuckey’s WKND part A good time had by all and some live Jane’s Addiction

Once again Johan and the WKND crew made our day. It’s becoming a trend. All the bullshit happening in the...
what youth recommends andrew doheny droid around aus and bali

Watch “Droid Around Aus and Bali” Metal Neck and Droid, a pretty reliable duo

Andrew Doheny catches a couple waves around Australia and Bali and looks good doing it. Watch Droid in our Off...
what youth recommends emerica x harsh toke the figueroa

Figgy’s got a new shoe Emerica and his band Harsh Toke collab for a new shoe

Figgy’s band Harsh Toke is equal parts atmospheric and anarchic, with unprecedented white-knuckle volume abuse. That’s a good description of...

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