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Watch “Home Cooking” Featuring Bobby Martinez

Long before Mr. Martinez let Klieny now exactly how he felt about competitive surfing, we were already huge fans. Hard...
What Youth recommends Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, and Kilian Garland grab a few up in their hometown.

Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin & Kilian Garland Grabbing a few in Ventura

We’ve been blessed with swell the past few weeks in Southern California. This video doesn’t highlight the standout spots, but...
Dane Reynolds, Surfing, Quiver

Go inside Dane Reynolds’ Garage A close look at Sealtooth’s quiver

Here is a 15-minute tour of Dane’s garage and the dozens and dozens of surfboards he houses in that garage....
what youth kanoa igarashi

A Japanese Man: Kanoa Igarashi Interview and profile from the pages of What Youth Issue 14

I grew up up watching Kanoa Igarashi surf. He was a true American surf grom in my hometown of Huntington...
what youth recommends conner coffin ywt

Watch “Conner Coffin x YWT” Classic lines done perfectly

Conner Coffin is a throwback. He’s well-rounded. He carves and charges and has found a way to please the judges...

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