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Watch: “Mill Session” Featuring Clay Marzo

This is such a groovy little clip. It’s just so, Clay. Heavy outer island grinders and the gifted one just...

Watch: “The Dry Reefer” Clay Marzo is so good.

This clip has been shooting around the last few days but we just had to throw it up too. If...

Watch “Catching Barrels in Mexico” Clay Marzo Rules

So here’s the deal; Clay Marzo may be the single most naturally talented surfer alive today. And his ability to...
what youth recommends clay marzo todays harvest

Watch “Today’s Harvest” There goes Clay Marzo blowing our minds again

Clay surfs like a damn cat stuck on a hot tin room in the best possible way. He just jumps...
what youth mason ho

Watch “Mason’s First Cup” Mason Ho’s point of view from the 2016 Rip Curl Padang Cup

One of the best characters we have in surfing. Mason shares it like it truly is. Last year we got...
what youth recommends clay marzo you know

Watch Clay Marzo in “You Know” Exactly the crazy surfing you’d expect from Clay

Still mind boggling. Still hard to comprehend. Clay is up there with guys like Matt Meola where you wonder how...
what youth recommends clay marzo surfing

Clay Marzo in Lost Paradise And he’s still trunking it where others prefer a wettie

Clay Marzo has somehow turned a cold water paradise into his own tropical locale. And I don’t think anyone gets...
what youth recommends clay marzo baja california

Watch Clay Marzo in Baja California Big offshore tubes in freezing conditions

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Clay surf on this side of the world. The conditions look all too...

Padang Cup Through Mason’s Eyes Couldn’t think of a better tour guide

The Padang Cup just ended and the win went to Indonesian surfer Mega Semadhi. But just in case you’re missing all those...
what youth surfing padang padang mason ho

Mega Semadhi wins the Padang Cup A Contest We can definitely get behind

The Padang Cup has always been one of the few contests that we can get behind. The dudes who come...
Clay Marzo in "East Coast Low".

Clay Marzo in “East Coast Low” He continues to impress from his western oasis

It’s hard not to look when Clay Marzo drops another unannounced edit from his western Australia oasis. He remains a mystery in...
what youth recommends marzo and me

Watch “Marzo and Me” Short and to the point

Clay just being Clay. The subject of an attempt to get into the Fiji contest, #putClayinFiji, failed miserably. But we doubt being...
what youth recommends clay west oz

Watch Clay Marzo in West Oz So happy he’s still putting these out

Clay Marzo continues to call West Oz (second) home, and you can see why here. Clay continues to live the...
conversation with reposar what youth

Conversation With: Photographer Jason Reposar “I guess I can say all this now that I’ve been convicted and deported.”

Former Transworld photog who vanished from the U.S. reappears...with Metallica.
Clay Marzo straight forward surfing what youth

Straight Forward: Clay Marzo Episode 005

As far as triumphant returns go, chalk this one up there with Odysseus.

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