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what youth recommends focus jon dickson part 1 emerica

Watch “FOCUS: Jon Dickson Part 1” Emerica tells the story of how Jon became the person & skater he is today

We are always big fans when we get to see our favorite personalities documented. Jon has a fascinating story and...
what youth recommends holiday gift guide 2017

The What Youth Wish List Here are all the things we want this holiday season, which is probably stuff you or the youth on the run in your life will want

Being a youth on the run requires a significant amount of equipment. And I don’t mean useless consumer goods (well,...
what youth recommends emerica pendleton

Look Like Leo This Emerica x Pendleton collab is gritty and ready to go

It’s no secret we like Leo Romero. He embodies a lot that of things we believe in. And he fucking...

Spanky’s “Time Wiper” Pack Emerica releases a new capsules based on rad in-flight napkin drawings from Kevin “Spanky” Long

You know that downtown you’re inevitably faced with when traveling? Staring at the back of the seat with a a...
what youth recommends emerica explosions in the sky

Emerica and Explosions in the Sky Get together for a shoe collab we’re very into

I remember someone once said that Explosions in the Sky is good to have sex to. That’s fun.  In other...
what youth recommends emerica x harsh toke the figueroa

Figgy’s got a new shoe Emerica and his band Harsh Toke collab for a new shoe

Figgy’s band Harsh Toke is equal parts atmospheric and anarchic, with unprecedented white-knuckle volume abuse. That’s a good description of...
what youth recommends andrew reynolds reserve collection

Andrew Reynolds: The Reserve Collection The Boss is back with some new shoes

The Boss and Emerica just released this new Reserve Collection. Minimalistic and based on Andrew’s theory of creating more and...
what youth jon dixon skateboarding

Watch Jeremy Leabres and Jon Dickson Couple quick clips to push shoes

Jon Dickson blew us all away with his opening part for Emerica’s Made. So whenever we get a few new...
what youth stay tuned leo romero skateboarding music

Stay Tuned: Leo Romero Playlist 029: An eclectic and soothing week starter

A few months ago we got to hangout with Leo a bunch while filming his Fairly Normal episode. We skated...
The teaser for Emerica's MADE Chapter 2.

MADE Chapter 2 Trailer Launching this year

Emerica just released the first official teaser for MADE Chapter 2, brought to you by Jerry Hsu.
what youth recommends

The What Youth Holiday Wish List The rad stuff you need to buy (or have someone buy for you)

Well, we’re here. The holiday season. The scent of consumerism and dead birds is wafting through the crisp air. There...
collin provost what youth issue 9

Collin Provost’s Gear Fuck Black Friday Giveaway

Fuck Black Friday, win this stuff from Collin Provost's sponsors.

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