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what youth recommends quiksilver radical times in france

Watch “Radical Times in France” Quiksilver always does France pretty damn well

By now the French experience is full of cliche. Baguettes, red wine, nude babes, beachbreaks for miles…you know the story....
what youth recommends surfing

Watch “The Arrival” Starring Leo Fioravanti in Tavarua, France and El Salvador

Leo has already shown his prowess on the WSL this year. At this year’s Margaret River Pro, he placed 5th...
The DC Surf Team headed to Tahiti.

Watch DC Surf In Tahiti Featuring Kanoa Igarashi and Ezekiel Lau

The first DC Surf edit you’ve probably seen in a while. It looks as fun as Tahiti gets. The boys scored....
DC Shoes, Stella Artois, Beer

DC Shoes sent us a bunch of beer Like a lot of it. And released this vid.

We had to use a dolly to get it in the door. Nearly 100 green bottles of Stella. With a...

Watch Huli Huli With John John Florence, Dusty Payne, Mason Ho, Jamie O’Brien and More

The Hawaii clips keep coming in. And for all intents and purposes because if the waves are there so are...
Sunny Garcia and Ezekiel Lau Hawaii surfing competition what youth past present perfect

Past Present Perfect: Sunny Garcia & Ezekiel Lau Part 3: Competition

The ups and downs of riding your surfboard as a profession.
Sunny Garcia Ezekiel Lau surfing Past present perfect what youth

Past Present Perfect: Sunny Garcia & Ezekiel Lau Part 2: Influences & Adverstity

Surf competition is fine if you're a champion. But that's only a feeling few have in surfing.
Sunny Garcia Ezekiel lau in past present perfect on What Youth surfing in hawaii

Past Present Perfect: Sunny Garcia & Ezekiel Lau Part 1: Surfing in Hawaii

Sunny Garcia and Ezekiel Lau and the the Hawaiian surf lineage.

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