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Listen to: Brian Hill and The Noh Starrs Their new song “The New Yorker” is about to find its way into your life and you’re going to like it

Brian Hill has a spark. It’s in his style. The way he talks. And it’s definitely in the music he makes....
what youth recommends the feels

Go on the Road with Feels Tour photography by Jeff Fribourg

We’ve insisted you listen to Feels a couple of times now. So now that you’re convinced and are in love with their...
what youth recommends feels music

Listen to Feels Self-Titled Debut Album And catch their record release show if you know what’s good for you

When I first wrote about Feels for our Youth readers, the thrashing foursome band of babes had little to no...

Listen to Feels Thrashing bedroom grrrl rock that’ll make you believe in feelings again

In an age where digital music comes as easily and readily as microwaved popcorn, LA-based foursome Feels, the reincarnation of...
music, kim and the created, lolipalooza 2

Lolipalooza 2 Glitter and Cavities For All

“Just woke up and I’m covered in glitter and lollipop wrappers,” said photographer David Evanko post Lolipalooza, the second annual...

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