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Watch “Dancing Barefoot” Featuring Oscar Langburne

The precocious Oscar Langburne has some style. In this new video titled Dancing Barefoot (in homage to the legendary Patti...

A Chat with Shama Check Out His New Film

Shama is from Jamaica. He has style and this short film highlights his upbringing and roots growing up on the...

Download “Forward, To Past.” Starring Dion Agius and Craig Anderson

Goofyfoots just seem to have more fun. Not sure why, but to find out just watch this new ten-minute film...
what youth recommends dion agius surfing

Watch Dion Agius in “New Blood” Dion gets a new board sponsor, we get a new vid

Dion has peeled the Super Surfboards sticker off and is now riding Hayden Shapes foam and he’s already out making...
what youth recommends nate tyler creed mctaggart in untitled

Watch Nate Tyler and Creed McTaggart in “Untitled” The boys getting after it

Creed and Nate…do we need say more?  Watch our Off Beat episode with Nate and Creed here:
what youth recommends-haydenshapes-creed-mctaggart

P.A.M. feat. Creed McTaggart A look at Creed’s new toy by Haydenshapes

Pam! Creed! Love Buzz! All together, in one 5 minute video edit, creatively and visually steered by Creed himself. A...
what youth afternoon interview hayden cox

Afternoon Interview: Haydenshapes Episode 042: Hayden Cox walks us through his operation and touches on a new Collab with Vissla

Hayden Cox is probably one of the most modern shapers in the world. His label Haydenshapes is revered by all...
what youth recommends craig anderson surfing

Craig Anderson’s really pretty board Hayden shapes and Jason Woodside collab on a board for Craig Anderson

Jason Woodside is an artist who’s work often adorns massive walls and buildings. His latest canvas is one of Craig...
what youth tropical gothic

Vissla x What Youth: Tropical Gothic A What Youth Collab

We collaborated with Vissla to create pieces that are rooted in the classic elements of surf tradition.What Youth art director...

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