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The Eyes of Quinn Matthews Dog Days on the North Shore

Quinn Matthews’ imagery is synonymous with taste and of a very real intimacy of those that he captures. Quinn captures...


It’s kind of like the “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner. Except it’s surfing, not baseball and the ghost of...
what youth recommends listen now misty dawn

Stream “Listen Now, Misty Dawn” Hopefully you’ve seen it live, downloaded and now you can stream it

I used to watch surf videos over and over and over again, until they crackled in the VCR, or the...
what youth recommends chapter 2 homegrown billabong

Watch “Chapter 2: Homegrown” The Billabong family cracks open the Gold Coast

Jack Freestone, Creed McTaggart, Kai Hing, Parko, Mick, and the rest of team Billabong rip into the Gold Coast before...
what youth recommends villager goods jack freestone

Watch Jack Freestone’s Atlantic Trip Portugal, France, and Africa with surfing’s newest cool dad

Jack Freestone surfing around Portugal, France, Africa, and other bits of the Atlantic. Safe to say Jack is one of the...
what youth recommends møments mmxvii

Watch “Møments — MMXVII” An Australian road trip with Kolohe Andino, Jack Freestone, Mikey Wright, and more.

So you’ve probably heard we’re on a road trip right now. And I know we’re not ones to gloat, but aren’t...
what youth recommends listen now misty dawn trailer

Get Epokhe’s “Listen Now, Misty Dawn” Kai’s new movie is out today and it’s free

Some of you may have been lucky enough to catch this in your town, or maybe you were at our...
what youth recommends to the core

Watch “Rotten to the Core” Surfing is not a sport and this video is a throwback reminder

This is the type of surf film you find buried in the VHS collection deeper than the others because you kind of...
what youth recommends jack freestone

Watch Jack Freestone in (Low) Profile We’ve always known he’s been this good

We’ve know Jack quite a while. He’s more than just a pretty boy. He’s always been a special talent. We watched...
what youth recommends jack freestone indo

Watch “Something is Calling” Jack Freestone in Indo

Jack Freestone walks the line as one of the most innovative and stylish guys who are also crazy consistent. The WSL...
what youth mitch coleborn jack freestone surfing

Watch Clique An 8 minute Indonesian psych reel starring Mitch Coleborn and Jack Freestone

The Mentawais always bring it. And it turns out so do Jack Freestone and Mitch Coleborn. Music: Washed Out, “New...
what youth guide to mexico

The WY Guide: Oaxaca, Mexico The planet’s gift to surfers

Mexico is one of the world’s greatest gifts to surfers. A place as wild and friendly and beautiful and adventurous...
cluster b-sides surfing what youth kai neville

The less important side of pop Watch the Cluster B-sides movie

We hit the road last year on Cluster™. And since movies have to be a certain duration, a lot of the magic,...
Jack Freestone surfing in australia what youth recommends

Brisk Jack Freestone surfing in Australia

what youth cluster the almosts dion agius noa deane craig anderson dane reynolds

The Almosts Watch the attempts and what almost was from Cluster

Every night after filming all day there’s a moment when everyone gathers around the computer and watches the clips. Raw, unedited...
what youth recomends, jack freestone, fizz, surfing

Fizz Jack Freestone Surfing on the Gold Coast

Jack Freestone surfing to one of our favorites, Diiv. Check out Jack’s Fairly Normal filmed on the Gold Coast below.
far gone out what youth surfing

Far Gone Out Panama and the pleasurable experience that it is with Jack Freestone, Creed McTaggart and Ian Gentil

Panama and the pleasurable experience that it is with Jack Freestone, Creed McTaggart and Ian Gentil

The WY Guide: The Gold Coast With Jack Freestone and C.S. Louis

Welp, you know what time it is: “Time to fuck the WSL!” No, we kid, calm down. But for reals, lots of...
jack freestone what youth

Jack Freestone Rotating to Wu

Surfing the Gold Coast and Hawaii
Cluster Trailer what youth

Cluster Trailer Now playing

And here it is, your first glimpse at Kai Neville’s new surf vid Cluster™ With: Craig Anderson, Noa Deane, Dane Reynolds,...
Dillon Perillo and Jack freestone in mexico what youth surfing video

Crack A What Youth original short featuring Jack Freestone and Dillon Perillo

This trip came together within 6 hours during a crowded California holiday weekend and the next thing we knew we...
Jack Freestone Crack Salina Cruz Mexico Surfing Quinn Matthews Photography Dear Youth What Youth

Dear Youth Crack, A What Youth original short will premiere Friday, August 15

We asked Dillon Perillo, who traveled to Mexico with Jack Freestone, about the trip that will be playing here on...
Quinn Matthews Dillon Perillo Salina Cruz Surfing What Youth Dear Youth

Dear Youth Quinn Matthews in Training

Editor’s Note: Quinn Matthews is a talented young photographer. And we like him a lot. He brought creative angles to the...

Macaronis: Part 2 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

If you can believe it, there’s more. So much more. A week at Macaronis with good winds and cameras rolling...
chippa wilson what youth issue 7 surfing cluster

Macaronis: Part 2 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

If you can believe it, there’s more. So much more. A week at Macaronis with good winds and cameras rolling...
Mitch Coleborn surfing what youth

Macaronis: Part 1 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

Kai’s new film — which you’ll see is announced inside What Youth Issue 7 — began with a pretty lofty...
mitch coleborn jack freestone noa deane what youth cluster

Dear Youth Nate on the Run

Editor’s note: Nate Lawrence is a good employee. Fills our hard drives with photographic gold all year long and is...
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 007

Another 30 days of dancing on the road. Couple cheeseburgers in paradise. A few clips logged. Yadin Nicol sightings. Craig...
noa deane mitch coleborn jack freestone what youth issue 7 surfing

What Youth Issue 7 The Intro

“We live in the mind, in ideas, in fragments. We no longer drink in the wild outer music of the...
Jack Freestone what youth issue 7 cluster

Jack Freestone Outtakes from What Youth Issue 7

By now you’ve seen that our new issue is on sale. When you get your hands on it, you’ll find...
Jack Freestone what youth issue 3

Super Famous Now A conversation with Jack Freestone for What Youth Issue 3

PHOTOS: Blake Myers Currently, Jack Freestone is probably most notably known as the guy dating Alana Blanchard. But it turns...
Jack Freestone and Darren handly of DHD surfboards color me in surfing what youth

Color Me In: Jack Freestone & Darren Handly of DHD Episode 005 Presented by Futures

Darren Handley and Jack Freestone talk shit, tails and surfboards, and then ride surfboards.

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