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Congratulations Jack Robinson has qualified for the WSL CT

In stunning fashion, Jack Robinson demolished the field at Sunset Beach to win the Vans World Cup of Surfing. Jack...

Sir Jack in his Element We love us some fresh Robbo.

We love us some fresh Robbo. Especially in and around his home environs. Our opinion, this is what a clip should...

Five to watch in 2019 Youth on the Run

Five Guys To Watch In 2019   How do you measure the worth of a surfer? Is it a factor...
what youth recommends møments mmxvii

Watch “Møments — MMXVII” An Australian road trip with Kolohe Andino, Jack Freestone, Mikey Wright, and more.

So you’ve probably heard we’re on a road trip right now. And I know we’re not ones to gloat, but aren’t...
what youth recommends sessions keramas

Watch “Sessions, Keramas” With Taj Burrow, Jack Robinson, Mikey Wright, Sebastian Zietz & more

Fresh footage from long ago. Plenty of talent and plenty of waves. Have fun.
what youth recommends snapt 3 trailer

Watch the trailer for Snapt 3 I hope it comes out on VHS!

I’m getting nostalgic. This is how ’90s surf art looked: a blown out Black Sabbath song, crazy surfing, lots of...
what youth recommends jack robinson surfing

Watch Jack Robinson in “Hollow Ground” How Jack became the madman in the tube that he is

A documentary in 4-minutes time on Western Australia’s hardest charging mini from turned man Jack Robinson.  Jack Robinson has been...
the what youth 2015 top 5 photos

The What Youth 2015 The best photos of the year: action and lifestyle

The amount of imagery that comes through these doors is incredible. And in a world run mad by social media,...
what youth recommends jack robinson surfing

Watch Jack Robinson in Breakthrough Shades of a little bit of everyone, turned way up

Maybe it’s the North Point. Or the Billabong sticker. Or the ultra mature prowess, but Jack Robinson looks as polished...
Jack Robinson surfing what youth

Jack Robinson Inside some Waves And where to see his best work yet

This piece is two months old now, just like Jack Robinson, but it’s worth an encore presentation due to new...

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