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Five Songs For Your Next Surf Clip Here’s “Wonderwall” or something or other.

You ever sit down to enjoy the latest web clip and start off thinking, “Hey, the surfing here isn’t terrible.”...
what youth recommends it was a good year

Watch “it was a good year…” Bruno Zanin’s reel featuring Yago Dora, John John, and more

Bruno Zanin is another one of those young Brazilians who’s pretty good capturing our little surfing caper. And here’s a nice,...
Mason Ho, WSL

I have no idea what’s happening on tour But this was pretty fun to watch

I was feeling a little guilty. I haven’t been watching the tour, like, at all — and I know that’s...
what youth surfing john john florence

A John John Florence Prediction Collected Thoughts 127: Nate Lawrence chimes in on the sporting side of things

“There’s been plenty to talk about with the WSL recently. Most of it about the horrible advertisements and even worse...
the surfer/hooper index

The Surfer/Hooper Index Craig Anderson is Steph Curry and other ridiculous comparisons to kick off the NBA playoffs

The NBA is probably the most commercialized athletic event in the world. This makes it the most unlike surfing (kinda)....
what youth dear youth travis ferre filipe toledo

Does WSL = Christian Youth Group? Conservative and “cool” with really bad music

When I was in high school there were always people trying to get us to join them at their church...
what youth recommends taylor steele proximity

Watch the Trailer for “Proximity” A new film from Taylor Steele (Wow, it’s nice to write that)

Unless you’re like a crusty old bitter guy, there’s a good chance you’ve been a fan or know Taylor Steele’s...
the what youth top 34 surfers

The What Youth Top 34 This is who’s coming on the very unprofessional What Youth World Tour 2017

OK, so this is a few days late. Lots of rum-infused discussions around fire rings to sort the order. But...
what youth john john florence photographed by nate lawrence

John John Florence, 14 for Five years Collected Thoughts 124

Looking at this photo, it seems like so long ago. John John was this young, long haired blonde kid who...
what youth recommends john john florence twelve

John John in “Twelve” The final episode I’m going to be straight: Skip to 6:55 and let your jaw drop

I’m all for storytelling, but the self-produced variety is getting a little old. It’s great, we get it, he sails...
what youth john john florence surfing with ian walsh

John John and Ian Walsh Trading Rights Tricky pits with two of the best at it

John John Florence and Ian Walsh make this tricky right look too easy. Enjoy this section from Ian’s new film...
John John Florence, Surfing, World Champ

John John Florence is the World Champ And we’re backing that big time

While we were sleeping, John John Florence became the World Champ. He sliced and diced his way through Portugal, and...
what youth john john florence surfing

Watch John John Florence in “Twelve” Episode 4: Sailing around Hawaii

John John Florence has it all figured out it seems. Gold jersey in comps. A sailboat docked in Hawaii. And...
what youth recommends

‘Twelve’ with John John Florence Episode 1 of the 7-part series


All those Eddie Highlights Too good to be true at Waimea Bay

Quiksilver definitely needed this, but we all fucking needed this. After much anticipation of whether the Eddie would run or not, the...
what youth surfing

John John won a very big contest today The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Invitational

About two weeks ago the Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational event at Waimea Bay was called to go. Only...

Watch Huli Huli With John John Florence, Dusty Payne, Mason Ho, Jamie O’Brien and More

The Hawaii clips keep coming in. And for all intents and purposes because if the waves are there so are...
what youth greg long jaws surfing

On Yesterday Evan Geiselman, Billy Kemper, Andre Botha, Jaws, John John Florence, Greg Long…damn dudes.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in California. It was calm. Sunny. The waves were 3-foot. Football was on and mama was cooking...
what youth recommends john john florence

View from my Imax Chair View from a Blue Moon is somewhere between Star Wars and Kelly Slater Black and White

Last night I saw John John’s View From A Blue Moon at Big Newport and it left me replete with...
john john florence waht youth surfing

Watch new trailer for John John’s movie “View From a Blue Moon” will premiere globally on November 11

Are we excited? Fuck yes. Are we nervous? Maybe a little. After watching this new trailer — a narrated, beautiful, Planet...
what youth john john florence

John John Florence, Waimea, Hawaii 2013 Back Den 055

“john john florence at the opening ceremony for the eddie aikau at waimea beach, on the north shore of oahu....

Watch John John at Log Cabins Just for fun

John makes a tricky wave look bashful.
quinn matthews what youth surfing photography

A rookie’s year on the run Dear Youth with Quinn Matthews

Quinn Matthews recaps his 2014 year on the road as a rookie.
john john florence surfing hawaii what youth

Dear Youth: See Ya Hawaii 12 Photos from the North Shore

Nate Lawrence photos from the North Shore.
Ian Walsh and John John Florence what youth Eddie opening ceremony

Dear Youth Ian Walsh and John John Florence at the opening ceremony for “The Eddie”

“I don’t understand them, but I sure do respect them.” Nate Lawrence told us that last night after attending the...
lowers straight forward what youth surfing

Straight Forward: Lowers Episode 012

For those of you looking for a little inspi-ration to get wet today: we give you the world's best surfing...
John John Florence in France Photographed by Quinn Matthews What Youth

Dear Youth Deep Frence sand and currents with Quinn Matthews

France has been fun. Like, really fun. But like I think I said earlier, it’s a lot colder than last...
Andrew Schoener surfing photography what youth

Photo Credit: Andrew Schoener Portfolio 003

Shooting film photography is probably the best way to go bankrupt in the current media climate. From processing fees, expensive...
Quinn Matthews photo credit what youth kolohe andino

Photo Credit: Quinn Matthews Portfolio 002

PHOTOS AND CAPTIONS: Quinn Matthews Quinn Matthews is a young, talented and ambitious photographer from California. He recently went to...
Noa Deane what youth issue 5

What Youth Issue 5 On Sale Now

Our fifth issue is now on sale in the What Youth store. On the cover: Noa Deane attempting to set...

The Boys Fin ditches in Hawaii set to Cold Cave

If this doesn't make you wanna go ditch the fins with your friends today then nothing will.
Joh john florence for what youth issue 1

What Youth Issue 1 On sale in June

What Youth Quarterly: Our book of photography, freesurfing, culture and fun. Real paper and ink like the pilgrims had. First...

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