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Watch “Blue” A short reprieve from a pretty bad week.

Nothing will erase the ongoing carnage brought about by the massive wildfires burning in Australia currently. In no way to...

Watch “No Cigar” A Fly on the Wall with Julian Wilson

This cool little clip landed in our inbox this morning. It was shot by Jimmy Lees and reflects a brief...

Just Add Wind A Keramas Freesurf Gallery

Our senior lensman, Nate Lawrence, is no stranger to shooting every Indonesian lineup. With the top 34 surfers in town,...
what youth recommends hit and run julian wilson jeffreys bay

Julian Wilson Freesurfing at J-Bay Hole in one!

Hey, we love how Julian surfs. He might own more jock straps and golf clubs than we do, but he...
what youth recommends wayward bsides

Greetings from the Leftovers Really good looking surfing with Craig Anderson and Julian Wilson

You’d be hard pressed to find better looking surfing than this. Some B-Sides from Julian’s recent vid “Wayward.”
what youth julian wilson

Watch Julian Wilson in “Wayward” One of the best surf vids we’ve seen in a long time

I’ve long thought Julian Wilson, on paper, would be a thoroughly complete world champ. He has a bulletproof, textbook style, all...
The freesurfing from the Hurley Pro.

Watch “Trail Tracks” The freesurfs from the Hurley Pro at Trestles

With all the controversy involving this past Hurley Pro, we got a nice smattering of drama all week. The waves looked...
what youth julian wilson surfing bali

Julian Wilson in Bali Collected Thoughts 103

Still think spraying someone who’s paddling over the shoulder is one of the best things (and brattiest) in surfing. Julian Wilson...
what youth issue 13 julian wilson surfing

Julian Wilson in Bali And chatting on shark encounters, engagements, skating and Kelly Slater in Kolor

Julian Wilson is a competitor. A cutthroat, passionate, damn serious World Title contender, Pipeline Master and Triple Crown winner competitor....
what youth issue 13 bruce irons

What Youth Issue 13 On Sale Now

Every once in a while the flurry of dust and mud and granite and soot and ash that make up the...
julian wilson hawaii what youth recommends

Watch Julian Wilson in Hawaii The nicest way to start the year

You’re back. In the saddle, at school, on the road…but before you warp your fragile, Making of a Murderer binge-watching...
what youth issue 13 julain wilson

Deadline Done Issue 13 is currently being covered in ink for you

Every deadline has a personality. Traits that distinguish it from the last one faced, and this issue was no different....
what youth recommends julian wilson surfing

Julian Wilson Surfing in Bali Holy shit he’s good at this

Jimmy Lees is the filmer for Julian Wilson and he must just dance to himself on the beach knowing that...
dear youth mick fanning shark attack what youth surfing

On the Unthinkable Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson brought us to tears

For whatever reason, I’ve been more emotional than usual the last week or two. I feel like I’ve been on the...

My 5 Favorite Surf Film Parts With Ryan Callinan

A goofyfooted Australian's mandatory curriculum
dear youth quinn matthews what youth surfing

Dear Youth 15 photos from North Shore: Quinn Matthews

Last year it was his fresh approach in Hawaii that caught our eye. And throughout the year he’s continued to...
lowers straight forward what youth surfing

Straight Forward: Lowers Episode 012

For those of you looking for a little inspi-ration to get wet today: we give you the world's best surfing...
Quinn Matthews photo credit what youth kolohe andino

Photo Credit: Quinn Matthews Portfolio 002

PHOTOS AND CAPTIONS: Quinn Matthews Quinn Matthews is a young, talented and ambitious photographer from California. He recently went to...

The Boys Fin ditches in Hawaii set to Cold Cave

If this doesn't make you wanna go ditch the fins with your friends today then nothing will.
Owen wright julian wilson kolohe andino jordy smith sufing what youth

Rainy Day Schedule Kolohe Andino, Jordy Smith, Owen Wright and Julian Wilson in Santa Cruz

Steamer Lane is kelp, rocks, odd sections and cold water blended together. Factor in a cliff of hecklers, very high...
Julian Wilson surfing in australia what youth

Julian East Sessions From the Australian East Coast, Julian Wilson Mid-2012

Julian is busy, winning US Opens, and snaking Slater or maybe getting snaked by Slater depending on your interpretation of...

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