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Watch “Candyland” A New Video by Strobeck

Dedicated to Pablo Ramirez. Here’s a fresh one from Strobeck, this time the crew is in San Francisco, rolling down...

Watch Gonz Re-create Skate Art History 20 years on Mark Gonzales gives performance art skateboarding another go

Performance art skateboarding in a German fine art gallery? Only Mark Gonzales could do this proper justice. Well that was...

Tyshawn + Gonz Session NYC 3 Decades separating greatness

Is it harder to believe that Tyshawn Jones is only 20 or that Gonz is still ripping at 50? Either...


Grant Brittain is a pioneer. A legendary skate photog who showed us how to look through the lens at a...
what youth recommends lets skate dude krooked

Watch Krooked’s “Let’s Skate Dude” 30 minutes of time well spent

Today is the premiere of Krooked’s “Let’s Skate Dude.” Featuring Mark Gonzales, Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Bobby Worrest, Dan Drehobl,...

Krooked’s new movie “Let’s Skate Dude” Premiering Monday

Krooked announces a new skate movie premiering on Monday. One of skateboarding’s most iconic teams led my Mark Gonzales. “Let’s...
what youth mark gonzales back den mark oblow

Mark Gonzales in New York Back Den 123 By Mark Oblow

“innovators innovate, mark gonzales inspires. a break from the studio straight to the curb. nyc.” —Mark Oblow

Watch “The Fat Kid” A video compilation from William Strobeck

A compilation of videos that were put together in a promo for a bigger video named “Buddy Boy” Starring: Mark...
What Youth Issue 16 dylan Rieder by Mark Gonzales

Original Artwork From the Dylan Issue Issue 16 art from Porous Walker, Mark Gonzales, Todd Francis, Dr. Woo, Langley Fox and more

The response from our 16th issue, which we devoted entirely to Dylan Rieder has been nothing short of incredible. To...
what youth recommends mark gonzales skateboarding

Watch BS with TG: Mark Gonzales Tommy Guerrero and Mark Gonzales tour his NYC studio

In an all new episode of BS with TG, Tommy Guerrero and Mark Gonzales rummage through Mark’s NYC studio to...
what youth mark gonzales back den photography mark oblow

Mark Gonzales, Los Angeles, 2016 Back Den 104

“i got to spend the day with my long time friend and team mate mark gonzales, we went to some...
what youth back den mark gonzales

Mark Gonzales, Oahu, Circa ’80s Back Den 089

“being on the same team as the gone (‘vision’ in the ’80s) was better then getting your boxes. skateboarding with the...
what youth recommends jb & v

Watch Mark Gonzales’ JB&V A tribute to Van Wastell

It’s been 8 years since Van Wastell passed away. Gonz put together an edit honoring one of the most fearless skaters...
what youth recommends pussy gangster

Watch Supreme’s “Pussy Gangster” A video by William Strobeck

Supreme’s team is full of misfit toys. And with William Strobeck behind the lens, skating the most claustrophobic of Parisian neighborhoods....

Watch the trailer for Away Days Adidas’ first skate film is coming in May

FINALLY, Adidas is coming out with a skate film. We’re extremely hyped about their new project releasing in May. It took...
what youth recommends lucas puig

Watch Adidas Matchcourt With Lucas Puig, Mark Gonzales, Na-kel Smith, and more

Team Adidas explored Shanghai, Gran Canaria and NYC in this new clip. With an A-list team, it’s hard to disappoint. Lucas...
what youth issue 13 william strobeck

Conversation With: William Strobeck Filmmaker behind Supreme’s Cherry, Joy Ride and more

William Strobeck is a filmmaker. And he’s the kind we need. A creative mind so rooted in the world he...
what youth recommends krooked nyc skateboarding

Watch Krooked in NYC Featuring Mark Gonzales, Brad Cromer, Bobby Worrest, Sebo Walker and Matt Gottwig

Some of our favorite skateboarders in one of our favorite places makes for a fucking sick vid. When you’re done getting...
What Youth issue 12 covers that didn't make the cut

What Almost Was Cover options that weren’t to be for WY Issue 12

One of the best things we get to do here is fight over covers. Every time we make an issue we...
what youth issue 12 magazine surfing skateboarding art culture

What Youth Issue 12: On Sale Now Featuring Mark Gonzales photographed by Mark Oblow in Hawaii, Circa 1989 on the cover

We’ve got a new reason to celebrate: our 12th issue is out today and you can buy it right now,...
back den mark gonzales what youth mark oblow

Mark Gonzales, Oahu, Circa 1980 Back Den 041

Birthday Polaroid of The Gonz

Mark Gonzales for Adidas When Advertising Becomes Entertainment

When Advertising Becomes Entertainment
Mark Gonzales photographed by Mark Oblow Back Den what youth Wallows

Mark Gonzales, Wallows, 1986 Back Den 016

The Gonz, Wallows 1986 with Jesse Martinez and Gator in the background.

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