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Jole Tudor photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Joel Tudor, San Diego Back Den 018

Joel Tudor at his home in S.D., CA. Style and grace just flows through his blood.
Tony Hawk photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Tony Hawk, San Diego, 2000 Back Den 015

Tony Hawk shot at his home in San Diego by Mark Oblow.
Mike Piscitelli photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Mike Piscitelli and Mini Anden, New York Back Den 014

Mini Anden & Mike Piscitelli NYC. 1999 spring street. Shot with Yashica 35mm kodak 160nc.
Jason Dill and Kelly Osbourne photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Kelly Osbourne and Jason Dill, Los Angeles, 2009 Back Den 013

Kelly Osbourne and Jason Dill in 2009 at the house the O.G. Osbourne's TV show was filmed at.
Mike Carrol photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Mike Carrol Back Den 012

Mike Carrol has always been one of my favorite skateboarders, seeing him blow the fuck up at EMB, or destroy...
Chris Senn photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Chris Senn, France Back Den 011

The jam at the end of this contest would go non-stop until the guys would drop.
Mike Vallely photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Mike Vallely, Tampa Back Den 010

PHOTO: Mark Oblow Editor’s note: Mike Vallely is the new singer for Black Flag. He’s the stuntman in The Hangover...
Andrew Reynolds photographed by Mark Oblow what youth skateboarding baker

Andrew Reynolds, Tampa Back Den 009

Andrew Reynolds at the skate park of Tampa, circa 2000.
Dylan Reider photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Dylan Reider, Hawaii, 2012 Back Den 008

This was the last shoot we did for Analog before they terminated the surf and skate team.
Ed templeton and Deanna Templeton photographed by Mark Oblow what youth skateboarding

Deanna and Ed Templeton, Vancouver Back Den 007

This is a photo of Deanna and Ed Templeton. Both great artists. Both great photographers. Both great people.
Kelly Slater photographed by Mark Oblow for what youth surfing

Kelly Slater, Costa Rica Back Den 006

This photo is of the best surfer to ever live.
Geoff Rowley photographed by Mark Oblow on What Youth skateboarding

Geoff Rowley, Los Angeles Back Den 005

Geoff Rowley was being mobbed by kids asking for his autograph at the X games in LA.
bruce Irons and Sonny Miller photographed by Mark Oblow

Bruce Irons and Sonny Miller, France, 2001 Back Den 004

These colors taste like music.
Arto Sarri Photographed by Mark Oblow

Arto Saari, 2003 Back Den 003

This was the first time I shot Arto. Dylan Rieder and I went to meet him right after he got...
Dane Reynolds photographed by Mark Oblow

Dane Reynolds, Laguna Beach, 2004 Back Den 002

I think it was the first time I had shot with Dane. He was very quiet, and not too stoked...
Nathan Fletcher and Jason Dill Photo by Mark Oblow

Nathan Fletcher and Jason Dill, Palm Springs, 2000 Back Den 001

I remember this was the hotel Robert Downey JR. was at when he got busted for drugs back in the...
Mark Oblow Afternoon Interview What Youth

Afternoon Interview: Mark Oblow Episode 004

He's shot campaigns for the surf world's biggest brands including Quiksilver and Analog. He's since successfully made the leap into...
What Youth Issue 3 nathan fletcher

What Youth Issue 3 On Sale Now

Dear Lovers, What Youth Issue 3 is now available for purchase inside the What Youth Shop. On the cover: Nathan...

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