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Watch: “Snackin away in Indonesia” Featuring Shane Borland and friends

Apparently Shane Borland loves his snacks. So much so that he is actually nicknamed “Snack Boy.” And, speaking of nicknames,...


Mauro Diaz has been on a tear lately. Opting for the empty beach break slabs in Nicaragua over your a...

4 Cities: Mauro Diaz Episode 5: Roaming the Streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

In this episode of 4 Cities, we roamed the streets of old San Juan with our favorite Puerto Rican, Mauro...

Mauro Diaz The Punk Rock Puerto Rican

Mauro Diaz isn’t your typical Puerto Rican surfer. He listens to heavy metal, has a passion for art, and draws...
what youth recommends aliens was here

Watch Volcom’s “Aliens Was Here” Featuring Noa Deane, Ozzie Wright, Balaram Stack, Mitch Coleborn, Ryan Burch and more

The Volcom guys did it again. The crew headed to Indonesia on a 5 week journey. It honestly seems they are...
what youth recommends mauro diaz hell yah

Watch “Mauro Diaz, Hell Yah!” Metal Neck crew gets a new character from Puerto Rico

We just recently discovered Mauro Diaz’s surfing. In fact, we were contemplating plane tickets to Puerto Rico to go see...
what youth recommends mauro diaz

Watch Mauro Diaz in Puerto Rico D’Blanc’s got a new addition

Straight from Puerto Rico, D’Blanc introduces their latest team member. He sure has some talent and likes to mount the occasional dinosaur.  

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