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Watch “Shane Borland in Warm Water” A Metal Neck Production

Here is a clip from Metal Neck featuring Shane Borland.  Shane got some fun ones on the last trip and...

Kai Hing Loves Beach Breaks A Metal Neck Jaunt to Central America

Here’s a quick hit vid shot by Metal Neck’s Matt Tromberg titled: Kai Hing Loves Beach Breaks. Yes, he does and this...

ANDREW DOHENY This isn’t the droid you are looking for

“This isn’t the droid you are looking for”. Oh, but it is! Out of action for some time now due...


Mauro Diaz has been on a tear lately. Opting for the empty beach break slabs in Nicaragua over your a...

Issue 20 Release An Evening Bash at the Bungalow

It was a long day but this night was even longer. On Thursday evening, we premiered Governed by Lines and dropped...

Watch “Happy Droid” Take a little trip south with Andrew Doheny and his forehand ditch

Go on a little jaunt with Droid and some of his hand shapes. There’s some Central America and some Baja...
what youth recommends mauro diaz hell yah

Watch “Mauro Diaz, Hell Yah!” Metal Neck crew gets a new character from Puerto Rico

We just recently discovered Mauro Diaz’s surfing. In fact, we were contemplating plane tickets to Puerto Rico to go see...

Watch Andrew Doheny Contort Fresh Droid in salt water set to Primus

Is this the end? Hopefully not, but this fresh vid of Droid is called “The End.” So we’ll see what...
what youth kai hing and lee wilson surfing bali metal neck

Kai Hing and Lee Wilson’s Chaps Are On New edit from the Metal Neck crew

Metal Neck drops a new clip with Kai Hing and Lee Wilson. Two dudes we really like watching. Watch our...
what youth recommends andrew doheny droid around aus and bali

Watch “Droid Around Aus and Bali” Metal Neck and Droid, a pretty reliable duo

Andrew Doheny catches a couple waves around Australia and Bali and looks good doing it. Watch Droid in our Off...
what youth recommends although he didn't go anywhere ford's back

FORD’S BACK! (Although he never went anywhere): Happy Birthday Ford Archbold!

Ford Archbold surfing the way he surfs because thats the way he wants to surf on his Madhouse Kustomz shape...
what youth mexico trip for surfing waves bro

Watch Fire it Up Creed McTaggart, Colin Moran and Tanner Rozunko go way south

Fireworks, beer, offshores and all sorts of debauchery and fun in the beautiful place called Baja California with Creed, Tanner...
what youth andrew doheny surfing

Droid Beyond The Border Evening Session Andrew Doheny last week down in Mexico

Cobblestones, rights and very twisted knees with Andrew Doheny. Filmed and edited by Metal Neck.

Watch “Lando Left Overs” Andrew Doheny’s Leftovers from Metal Neck 2

Couple of Andrew Doheny’s raw leftover clips from Metal Neck 2: The Bangover. Andrew just looks right on a surfboard.
what youth metal neck 2 the bangover soundtrack

What Youth Mixtapes Metal Neck II “The Bangover” Full Soundtrack

We decided to make a mixtape because the soundtrack is too damn good. Watch the the full video below.
what youth metal neck 2 the bangover

Metal Neck II: The Bangover Starring Andrew Doheny, Noa Deane, Christian Fletcher, Colin Moran, Creed, Muffin Man and more.

Well, here it is. The long-awaited full-length sequel to Metal Neck: Metal Neck 2: The Bangover. Easily the Video of...

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