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WATCH “SPEEDING TICKET” With Evan Geiselman and Noah Schweizer. How Fast Would You Drive to Score Waves Like This?

Noah Schweizer has been on a fucking terror lately. Last week he dropped “Inlet Tribute” and then charged up to...

WATCH “INLET TRIBUTE” Hurricane Florence Giveth and Taketh

Noah Schweizer is no stranger to Florida’s rippable wedges. In his latest edit he had us scouring the forecasting websites to see...

Noah Schweizer In “Stream” Location, Location, Location

In between tacos and Tecates we sat down with ex-Floridian Noah Schweizer and discussed living with a Hollywood starlet, ten...
what youth recommends harry bryant so fresh

Watch “Rusty So Fresh” Team Rusty plays the hits

Would you look at that it’s another 2017 compilation video being shared in, well… late January 2018. But this is a...
what youth recommends noah schweizer

Watch Noah Schweizer on the East Coast Volume 2 East Coast

Noah Schweizer has one of our favorite styles. And after a delicious run of swell on the east coast, he’s...
what youth recommends by the books vol 1 killing time noah schweizer

Watch “BY THE BOOKS ~ VOL. 1: KILLING TIME” Part 1 of a new 4 part series featuring Noah Schweizer

Summer is over, but Noah seemed to grab a couple good ones towards the end of the season. This is...
what youth off beat noa schwizer surfing

Off Beat: Noah Schweizer Episode 042: “Nine dogs, four chickens, three bunnies and a snake.”

Noah Schweizer is from Florida, but he’s lived in LA for a year and is already followed by Miley Cyrus....
Welcome to Water Episode 3 in Sumbawa.

Welcome to Water: Episode 3 Sumbawa with Balaram Stack, Parker Coffin, Imai Devault and Noah Schweizer

A few familiar faces, and a few fresh ones. But really a bunch of waves that you’ve no doubt pictured yourself surfing.

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