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Watch “Seance” By Welcome Skateboards

We attended the Seance premiere at the Observatory in Santa Ana and were welcomed with familiar faces that we adore....
what youth recommends hanging out with nora vaconcellos

“Hanging Out With Nora Vasconcellos” Jenkem Magazine takes Nora to the LA Zoo and to skate Baker Boys park

Adidas Skateboarding’s most recent pro Nora Vasconcellos hangs out with one of favorite publications, Jenkem, and go to the LA...
what youth recommends nora adidas skateboarding

Watch “Nora” presented by adidas Nora Vasconcellos is the first female Pro skater to join adidas Skateboarding

We’ve always loved Nora’s skating and charisma on and off a board. Thanks to adidas Skateboarding we get to watch...

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