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what youth recommends slow dance b-sides

Watch Slow Dance B-Sides Sometimes you get blasted from the past: Craig, Dane, Ozzie and more filming for Slow Dance

Dustin Miller is a filmmaker who worked with Dane and Craig on Slow Dance, Craig’s profile film from a few...
what youth goofy foots surfing mark occilupo

The case for goofyfoots The surfers who make having your right foot forward colorful and wonderful

If you were to say regularfoots dominate the surf world, you might actually have a case. It often feels like...
what youth recommends taylor steele proximity

Watch the Trailer for “Proximity” A new film from Taylor Steele (Wow, it’s nice to write that)

Unless you’re like a crusty old bitter guy, there’s a good chance you’ve been a fan or know Taylor Steele’s...
Taylor Knox in "Winter Daze" featuring Mike Parsons and Rob Machado.

Watch “Winter Daze” Starring Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, and Mike Parsons

Taylor Knox put out a clip just in case you’’re in the mood to watch some powerful carves and El Niño bombs....
what youth recommends rob machado

Watch Banjo Strings A delight from Jack Coleman featuring Ryan Burch, Tom Curren and Rob Machado

Do we need to give a reason why? The audio won’t necessarily pump you up, but respect the art behind...
rewind me the show taylor steele what youth surfing movie

Rewind Me: The Show With Taylor Steele

Sandwiched between Good Times and Loose Change, The Show was both the end of the "punk rock" moment in surfing...

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