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back den what youth mark oblow jef hartsel skateboarding

Jef Hartsel, Honolulu, Hawaii, Circa 1980’s Back Den 054

“jef hartsel doing a layback at grant’s ramp in the 80’s, honolulu hawaii. jef ripped everything! street and vert. riding...
kelly slater jason dill what youth back den mark oblow

Kelly Slater and Jason Dill, Costa Rica, Circa 2000 Back Den 053

“it does not get any more yin & yang then this. kelly slater and jason dill. we were in costa...

Rights Refused: Dennis Mcnett “I want the wolf to come off the wall”

Kr3w denim have a really good series out called Rights Refused, featuring a bunch of artists who’s work has transcended...
back den dylan rieder what youth mark oblow

Dylan Rieder, Costa Mesa, Ca Back Den 052

“dylan rieder is the closest thing i could have to a son, he’s a best friend, he’s an inspiration. I’m...

Photo Credit: Alana Paterson Portfolio 019

Alana Paterson is a reminder of the great things in life. The great outdoors, great times, travel, drinking beers and skateboarding with...

Office Space: Curren Caples We got a new ramp and Curren rolled on it Presented by Monster

We got a new ramp: The Hager Brothers Cody and Jared came in one day, saw our tiny mini ramp,...
what youth off beat austyn gillette

Off Beat: Austyn Gillette Episode 023: On American healthcare, selling out and being a “surfer’s skater”

We have Austyn Gillette on the brain. For a lot of reasons really, some obvious ones being his ridiculous skating and...

Jesse Martinez, 1986, Honolulu Back Den 049

“jesse martinez, frontside wall jam 86′ honolulu, hawaii. the way wall jams shoot look…. style for days. shot on a...
what youth recommends alex olson skateboarding

“Call Me” featuring Alex Olson Hot town summer in the city

Raw, fun, NY. Alex Olson’s skating makes us really happy. Enjoy this and then go sweat it out on your...
What Youth Fairly Normal Kevin Terpening skateboarding

Fairly Normal: Kevin Terpening Episode 018

Come hang out with Kevin Terpening as he puts the finishing touches on his new Huf part
what youth recommends swoosh william strobeck supreme skateboarding

Watch “Swoosh” by William Strobeck Featuring Alex Olson, BA, Kevin Bradley and Sean Pablo for the Supreme/Nike SB GTS collection.

Sweaty in the city. William Strobeck delivers another modern throwback piece for Supreme/Nike SB GTS collection.
what youth recommends austyn gillete skateboarding

Watch Austyn Gillette’s New Huf Part A friendly reminder as to how good he is

Today Austyn Gillette released this out of nowhere Huf part that is a wild reminder of how damn good he...
what youth recommends huf collaboration

Watch Hippie Speedball Huf x Bronze 56k Limited Edition Collab Video

If you’re gonna do a collab, make a fucking sick vid like this with it and we’re in. Huf and...
back den mark oblow what youth bo ikeda

Bo Ikeda, Oahu late 80’s Back Den 045

“bo ikeda, palolo ramp oahu circa late 80’s. shot on a canon ae1 with 50mm lens. bo is one of...
what youth recommends the copenhagen pro skateboarding shane oneil

Skating the streets of Copenhagen Prepare for the CPH Pro with Shane O’Neill

This got us feeling bit nostalgic about our time in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Two years ago we...
Back Den Arto Saari what youth mark oblow

Arto Saari, China, circa 2000 Back Den 038

“it was crazy when we first started to go to china, people had never seen skateboarding before. we would get...

Conversation With: Mike Piscitelli Fucking Awesome, photography and Ozzy Osbourne

“I dropped out of school at the end of ninth grade and I pretty much ended up working in the...

Lurk NYC: Aaron Herrington Static Exposure 4

Aaron Herrington’s Static 4 part gets remixed with the never forgotten Eastern Exposure 3 New York section nearly 19 years...
pontus alv what youth recommends skateboarding

In Search of the Miraculous A film by Pontus Alv

Polar Skate Co. releases some of their iconic films on Vimeo.
Alex Amour For The Love What Youth skateboarding

For The Love: Alex Amor Coming Friday, December 19

A sneak peek at Alex Amor wandering and skating the streets of Barcelona.
curren caples shot by arto saari in sweeden what youth skateboarding

Curren Caples kickflip in Sweeden Collected Thoughts 072

Arto Saari photographs Curren Caples in Sweden.
Supreme video William Strobeck

Joyride A Short Film By William Strobeck

A Short Film By William Strobeck we can't stop watching.
Austyn Gillette Fairly Normal What Youth

Fairly Normal: Austyn Gillette Episode 007

A lethal combination of style, technical prowess and the most precise bit of fuck-it, all baked in to produce what...
Alex Olson afternoon interview for what youth issue one

Afternoon Interview: Alex Olson Episode 001 (Part 2)

More from our conversation with Alex Olson in Los Angeles's Griffith Park

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