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Watch: “ASCENSION” A flick from Saffa Adin Masencamp

Adin Masencamp has been on the radar for a bit now, which ain’t easy when you live and surf in...

Watch: “Strike Missions” The latest from the O’Neill content machine

In this latest installment of O’Neill’s Strike Missions series, we follow Jordy Smith as he hosts Ian Crane and Soli...
what youth recommends always more

Watch “Always More” “Just For Kicks” B-Sides with Noah Wegrich, Mitch Coleborn, and Nate Tyler

Remember Noah Wegrich’s “Just For Kicks” that came out on the start of January? No worries if you don’t because that...
what youth recommends noah wegrich just for kicks

Watch Noah Wegrich In “Just For Kicks” With appearances from Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, and Torren Martyn

Darkened skis, grey water, chilly peaks. Normally not the most inviting trifecta but Santa Cruz local Noah Wegrich has us ready...
what youth yago dora surfing jbay

Watch Yago Dora at J-Bay Raw clips from Yago’s stint in South Africa

It’s pretty daunting to surf J-Bay on your backhand. Staring down all that water lined up and growing down the...
what youth recommends jordy smith just now

Jordy Smith’s short film “Just Now” The movie poster alone is worth clicking in to see

Thats’ a really big shark...and this surfing is crazy. I don’t really know how else to describe this video as...
what youth recommends

Radical Times in South Africa Quiksilver takes a crew that includes Matt Banting, Zach Miller, Bryan Fox, Le-Ann Curren, Mikey February and Javier Mendizabal to SA

A new look Quiksilver team. A Curren. Some skaters. A very large continent. And one of our favorite people ever...
Some footage of the RVCA trip abroad with Greyson Fletcher.

Greyson Fletcher in South Africa Raw footage and raw skating.

Greyson Fletcher is something else. RVCA just released this raw footy of him from their trip in South Africa from...
what youth recommends jordy smith gauge

Watch Jordy Smith’s warning shot He’s back and moving more water than ever at a Snapper replica

It’s been a long time coming for Jordy. Held back a bit last year by both a back injury and...
dear youth mick fanning shark attack what youth surfing

On the Unthinkable Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson brought us to tears

For whatever reason, I’ve been more emotional than usual the last week or two. I feel like I’ve been on the...
ports cape town south africa what youth

The WY Guide: Cape Town, South Africa The tip of the world

The WY Guide to Cape Town, South Africa by C.S. Louis
Creed MCTaggart what youth surfing J bay what youth issue 9

Jeffrey’s Bay Going Right for Long Periods of Time

Creed McTaggart, Andrew Doheny and Beau Foster score J Bay.
Noa Deane and brendon gibbens in south africa what youth

South African corner pocket Collected Thoughts 056

Brendon Gibbens and Noa Deane are on the run. Bali to Oz to Indo again and now they’re hunting ramps...

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