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what youth recommends poler

The Long Wave Goodbye A film by Poler Stuff and Nike starring Donovan Piscopo and Daryl Angel

It’s no secret that skateboarding and surfing have been existing in more harmony than usual. And it hasn’t been ignored...
what youth shit kicker beau foster surfing movie

Watch “Shitkicker” A new film starring Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson, Creed McTaggart, Droid and more

Yesterday was a day filled with glory and triumph and testosterone. Today is all about having fun and smashing it...
what youth beau foster surfing

Once the Testosterone Settles A little behind-the-scenes glimpse at Beau Foster’s new movie Shitkicker to ease the tension

There is a lot of testosterone in the air right now. People are SHOUTING. Good and bad. Tears are flowing...
what youth afternoon interview saturdays nyc

Afternoon Interview: Saturday’s NYC Episode 036 Fashion, Coffee and Surfing in New York City

Several years ago I found myself in New York for the first time. California surf dude finally standing next to...
scott chenoweth illustration what youth issue 8

Every Wall A Door: The CS Louis Journals “I cheated and lied and laughed.”

Editor’s Note: C.S. Louis has spent the majority of his life serving the God’s of core. Inside his columns you’re likely...
Hunter S. Thompson, the Rum diary, writers

Want to Write for What Youth? We’re (still) looking for contributing writers and interns for 2016

[Update: If you already sent through your work for our previous callout, we’re still in the process of going through...
what youth off beat creed mctaggart surfing

Off Beat: Creed McTaggart Episode 027 is a glass of red on the porch in Portugal with Candy himself

Creed McTaggart is a thoughtful and creative guy. We want there to be lots of them, but there’s only ever...
what youth recommends kalani robb

Kalani Robb Surfing Cloudbreak, Tavarua

Couple clean ones at Cloudbreak.
what youth recommends jack robinson surfing

Watch Jack Robinson in Breakthrough Shades of a little bit of everyone, turned way up

Maybe it’s the North Point. Or the Billabong sticker. Or the ultra mature prowess, but Jack Robinson looks as polished...
what youth recommends ryan callinan surfing

Watch Ryan Callinan in Newcastle Dreamy lefts at home

Ryan Callinan is a legend. Nicest guy ever and a style any goofy foot can love and get behind. He...

We Are All Bruce Irons Our case for the feel good hit of the winter

[UPDATE: November 23, 2015]: Kieren Perrow and the WSL have officially awarded Bruce Irons the Wildcard for The Billabong Pipeline...

Watch Nix Nic Nooley A full-length surf film starring Creed Mactaggart, Noa Deane, Beau Foster and more

Finally some creativity in surfing! A weird concept, some hilarious acting and a bunch of fucking good-fun surfing. Toby Cregan’s...
what youth mitch coleborn jack freestone surfing

Watch Clique An 8 minute Indonesian psych reel starring Mitch Coleborn and Jack Freestone

The Mentawais always bring it. And it turns out so do Jack Freestone and Mitch Coleborn. Music: Washed Out, “New...
what youth recommends john john florence

View from my Imax Chair View from a Blue Moon is somewhere between Star Wars and Kelly Slater Black and White

Last night I saw John John’s View From A Blue Moon at Big Newport and it left me replete with...
what youth collected thoughts nate tyler santa cruz nate lawrence

Flash with Nate Tyler in Santa Cruz Collected Thoughts 088

With all the gimmicks and stunts that have gone down this year it makes me think back to the early...
what youth recommends mason ho brazil wedge surfing

Watch Mason Ho at Puma Point Easily the best thing that will come out this week

It continues to boggle our minds that Mason Ho exists. He is so many incredible things rolled into one friendly,...
what youth recommends chippa wilson

Watch Chippa Wilson in Cabarita Ripping at home presented by New Era

Chippa Wilson was a late bloomer. A lot of people don’t know that. He was working construction until he was...
what youth dear youth dave rastovich

“Support the freaks as much as jocks.” From a conversation on the surf industry with Dave Rastovich in Europe

Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes with Rasta and all seems right again. From a recent hang in Europe...
what youth on surfing in the olympics

Surf for Love, Not for Gold Writer William Finnegan on why surfing in the Olympics is a horrible idea

William Finnegan is easily one of the best writers we’ve got. He can articulate the nuances of surfing to the masses and...
what youth recommends south to norte

Watch South to Norte The D’Blanc team runs through Baja

Baja has been down there catching bored California’s for years. And recently a crew dawning the same D’Blanc team stickers including...
what youth recommends yago dora surfing

Yago Dora in Indo Watch one of our favorite surfers right now

Yago Dora is a cat. That much we know. Throw him off any wave and he’ll pull it. This piece...
what youth recommends jay davies

Watch “Bangers” Starring Jay Davies and Harry Bryant

Jay Davies and Harry Bryant getting good waves…again.
cluster b-sides surfing what youth kai neville

The less important side of pop Watch the Cluster B-sides movie

We hit the road last year on Cluster™. And since movies have to be a certain duration, a lot of the magic,...
Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, RVCA, South Oz

Beau Foster and Ellis Ericson Score South Oz is sharky and really good

Not even sure what you do after a day of tubes like this. But Beau and Ellis probably figured it...
what youth photo credit cory hansen surfing photography

Photo Credit: Cory Hansen Portfolio 021: Classic Santa Cruz, flash, stars and Dane

When Nate Lawrence rings and recommends a photographer for a Photo Credit feature, we know we had better answer. Because...
what youth joe g out of office reply what youth issue 12

Read Joe G’s out of office reply When Globe’s filmmaking genius goes, he leaves you with this

Filmmaker Joe G is most known for being the genius behind Globe’s incredible film pantheon. He is always dressed in black,...
what youth recommends taj burrow misfits

Misfit Lefts and Rights Taj Burrow vs. Dion Agius set to The Misfits

Every day it seems to get harder and harder to sift through the endless web clips to find something that makes...
Jack Freestone surfing in australia what youth recommends

Brisk Jack Freestone surfing in Australia

what youth issue 12 magazine surfing skateboarding art culture

What Youth Issue 12: On Sale Now Featuring Mark Gonzales photographed by Mark Oblow in Hawaii, Circa 1989 on the cover

We’ve got a new reason to celebrate: our 12th issue is out today and you can buy it right now,...
what youth recommends chippa wilson cold

Watch Chippa Wilson in “Cold” Spontaneity is bliss

Chippa Wilson has always been one of our favorite’s, that’s no secret, and this new piece he’s calling “Cold” (probably...
what youth recommends conner coffin

Conner Coffin Good waves, questionable tunes

what youth collected thoughts dane reynolds

Dane Reynolds in Santa Cruz Collected Thoughts 082

“I think Dane was in Santa Cruz for the Cold Water Classic this year. The weather was warm and the...

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