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Postcard Oregon what youth surfing skateboarding

Postcard Oregon A film by Quiksilver and What Youth starring Mikey Wright, Bryan Fox and Javier Mendizabal 

Maybe it was an experiment, or maybe it just happened. But whatever the case may be: we ended up in...

Noa Deane and Josh Kerr in Brazil Wait until you see this right wedge

Noa and Josh Kerr went down to Brazil to film and it looks like it turned out very productive. There...
what youth recommends volcom psychic migrations surfing

Frame Grabs from Psychic Migrations World Premiere of Volcom’s new film is tonight at the Edwards Big 6 in Newport Beach

Volcom hasn’t made a full-length, all-in surf film since The Bruce Movie. They released a few awesome cult classics of...
what youth collected thoughts surfing gavin beschen

Gavin Beschen backside Collected Thoughts 080

Yep that’s a DVS sticker on Gavin’s board. This photo was shot almost 9 years ago, and not much has...
bruce irons what youth afternoon interview

Afternoon Interview: Bruce Irons (Pt. 2) Episode 30: On Andy, Gerry, Kelly, age and being excited again

Earnest. Open. Raw. And discussing what’s exciting him now, at 35, going into winter. A nice place for him to...
chris ward what youth

Chris Ward, Padang Collected Thoughts 079

Editor’s note: Scotty Hammonds is from Encinitas, CA and probably surfs better than a lot of the people he shoots...
What Youth Afternoon Interview Bruce Irons

Afternoon Interview: Bruce Irons (Pt. 1) Episode 30: On professional surfing’s ups and downs and a life lived on the fulcrum of it all

There aren’t that many surfers who can say he didn’t have an impact on them. His style, flare, attitude, movie...
what youth recommends julian wilson surfing

Julian Wilson Surfing in Bali Holy shit he’s good at this

Jimmy Lees is the filmer for Julian Wilson and he must just dance to himself on the beach knowing that...
what youth recomends octopus

The Octopus Video Dion Agius, Nate Tyler and Chippa Wilson unveil new traction brand with sick video

You may have seen it in the shop.  Seen the evasive Instagrams. Wondered out loud, “What the hell is Octopus?”...
what youth recommends maui dusty payne surfing

Dusty Payne Surfing in Maui How about that left…

Always good to see Dusty lay into a few.
what youth noa deane rusty surfing movie

Watch Rusty’s new film: TUFF Starring Noa Deane with Josh Kerr and Dylan Goodale

Noa Deane’s Cluster B-sides, some scoring in New Zealand and West Oz with Noa, Dylan and Kerrzy, and a bunch...
kelly slater jason dill what youth back den mark oblow

Kelly Slater and Jason Dill, Costa Rica, Circa 2000 Back Den 053

“it does not get any more yin & yang then this. kelly slater and jason dill. we were in costa...
what youth recommends vissla wetsuits

WY Recommends: Vissla 7 Seas Wetsuits Watch the vid, but more importantly, order one

I’ve never really been able “to jump up a tax bracket” due to insufficient salary. But what I have been...
Afternoon Interview jamie brisick what youth surfing

Afternoon Interview: Jamie Brisick Episode 028: Author of Becoming Westerly talks to us about writing the first book on a transgender surfer

The topic is very popular right now. You can’t deny that. And while other stories lead the headlines across America and...
Fairly Normal Nate Tyler what youth surfing

Fairly Normal: Nate Tyler Episode 019

He’s mellow but somehow punk. Humble and radical. Friendly and legit. His story has been painted a myriad of ways...
what youth recommends andrew doheny yadin nicol

Tracking South Andrew Doheny and Yadin Nicol Surfing in Cabo

The boys headed south for Hurricane Delores. Andrew’s tuck knee tail whips will never tire. Check out Andrew and Yadin...
what youth recommends summer bay surfing

Summer Bay Surfing with Ellis Ericson & Beau Foster

Summer in Byron Bay. Surfing with Ellis Ericson & Beau Foster.
what youth recommends kelly slater surfing j bay

Kelly Slater At Jeffreys Bay July 31, 2015

It’s always a pleasure to watch the champ surf without the need for points. Kelly Slater and Sean Holmes surfing...
what youth recommends dane reynolds surfing in morocco

Boiler Boys Dane, Dillon and Yadin in Morroco

““BOILER BOYS” ~ Boilers is the most consistent wave in the popular surf region of taghazout, morocco. a boiler deposited...
what youth recomends, jack freestone, fizz, surfing

Fizz Jack Freestone Surfing on the Gold Coast

Jack Freestone surfing to one of our favorites, Diiv. Check out Jack’s Fairly Normal filmed on the Gold Coast below.
Mute Trailer Nate tyler what youth surfing

New surf film: Mute Watch the trailer and read about Nate Tyler’s new film by Victor Pakpour

There’s one story about Nate Tyler that’s been written time and time again: He lives in a yurt, grows his...
what youth recommends ozzie wright surfing

Ozzie Wright ripping Right until the last drop

I think there’s a fin being sold underneath all this shredding, but that’s fine. The surfing is good, and hell,...
what youth recommends curt the movie surfing

Watch the Trailer for “CURT” A Documentary Film about Surfing’s Oldest Grom

We’ve known Curt Harper since we were groms ourself. He’s been on the Hurley team for years and he’s a...
dane reynolds surfing what youth

Dane Reynolds is World Champ Why Sampler is so much more than a heat win

Why Sampler is so much more than a heat win
mason ho what youth recommends surfing

Magic Isle Mason Ho Does Some Surfing

The WY Guide: Sri Lanka Formerly the Dominion of Ceylon

A war torn country for 26 years, Sri Lanka has emerged as a cheap and exotic option. The hole in...

Conversation With: Mike Piscitelli Fucking Awesome, photography and Ozzy Osbourne

“I dropped out of school at the end of ninth grade and I pretty much ended up working in the...
what youth recommends mitch coleborn

Mitch Coleborn: True to This Irregular lefts and huge airs, just quietly

Mitch likes a little irregularity in his perfect waves. And we agree. We like some character. What he does to...
what youth recommends drive dump

Eric Geiselman’s Hard Drive This is like getting a new …Lost video

You get a new sponsor, and all that work with different stickers is kind of old hat. But luckily Eric...
what youth 2014 surfing

2014 Memoirs A year in review

That was a blast. Let’s do it again this year.
what youth surfing adolescents

Adolescents: Seth Moniz Episode 008

Seth Moniz charging and flying.
dane reynolds what youth surfing

Sweet and Tender Hooligan Dane Reynolds releases his clips to Vimeo

Dane Reynolds releases clip archive on Vimeo

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