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Davis Stenstrom, Blake Myers, Speak, Memory

Watch Speak, Memory A beautifully shot 16mm skate film starring David Stenstrom directed by Blake Myers

With the goal of shooting exclusively on 16mm film and creating an excuse to hang with friend David Stenstrom in...
what youth recommends the scrags music

Listen to The Scrags Swedish punk rock has never sounded better

Swedish band The Scrags sound like something you’d unearth digging through bins of mixed tapes – and I mean actual...
what youth forest font pullover

The What Youth “Forest” Font How our new T-Shirt and Sweatshirt grew out of the roots of evil

A while ago I hit a wall with the same music I’ve been listening too for the last few months....
what youth afternoon interview

Afternoon Interview: Louif Paradis Episode 051: We interviewed Louif in the car while driving in the Lofoten Islands in Norway

Louif Paradis won Video Part of the Year while we were in Norway with him. He’s the epitome of a...
what youth surfing video norway and sweden

New Scenery, New Noise A new film: Skating, surfing and snowboarding in the all day light of Sweden and Norway I Presented by Adidas

Drinking gets you closer to the Gods in Norway. Or so they say. And we just got up close and personal...
Traveling through Norway and Sweden with Chippa Wilson, Keegan Valaika, Jake Blauvelt and Louif Paradis

Scandinavian Wanderlust Getting closer to the Gods with Chippa Wilson, Keegan Valaika, Jake Blauvelt and Louif Paradis in Norway and Sweden

Drinking gets you closer to the Gods in Norway. Or so they say. And we just got up close and...

We’re in Norway With Chippa Wilson Adidas brought us to Stockholm and Riksgränsen to hang with Keegan Valaika, Louif Paradis and Jake Blauvelt

We said yes again. And now we’re in Scandinavia. Adidas invited us to join them on a trip to Norway...
what youth afternoon interview pontus alv

Afternoon Interview: Pontus Alv Episode 034 “If you don’t have skate spots, make your own.”

Pontus Alv is Malmo, Sweden’s legendary skate lord who’s taken DIY to every element of his skating. Spots, boards, films. He...
pontus alv what youth recommends skateboarding

In Search of the Miraculous A film by Pontus Alv

Polar Skate Co. releases some of their iconic films on Vimeo.

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