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Half Rats at the Brixton Broadcast Chicago.

Brixton Broadcast: The Half Rats These Indiana natives showed us a good time at The Empty Bottle in Chicago

Another band we met during our stop in Chicago. The Half Rats. They’re from Lafayette, Indiana and they fucking ruled....
what youth mixtape brixton broadcast chicago

Mixtape: Brixton Boadcast Chicago Live music to play really loud

We met a man named Greg in Chicago. He was the sound technician at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. He...
Brixton Broadcast, Chicago

Us and the Brixton Broadcast Chicago Blown away in the windy city with Natural Child, The Half Rats — and a city guide of sorts

You’ll remember we achieved the perfect three beer buzz upon arrival in Chicago. But we thought we’d make sure you...

Chicago by night Art, dive bars and the perfectly executed 3 beer buzz

It’s perfect in all ways. The three beer buzz. You’re enthusiastic, powerful and alive. With zip and zest. Lit but sharp....
Brixton Broadcast, Chicago, Music, Natural Child, The Half Rats,

En-Route to Brixton Broadcast Chicago The windy city is about to get blown away by Natural Child and The Half Rats and Us

I have been to Chicago before. And I surfed. Sorta. I tried to do tow-ats on one-foot wind waves in...

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