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Thrasher and Adidas Present “Hell of a Paradise”

  Only Thrasher and Adidas can bring together a crew of total legends to Waikiki for the “Hell of a...
what youth recommends dime challenge 2017

Watch the “Dime Glory Challenge 2017” Dime brings your childhood dreams to life

Well we aren’t sure if this is bringing it back to the basics or a complete gimmick, but whatever it...
what youth recommends skateobarding

Watch No Other Way New release from Vans and Thrasher starring Kyle Walker and many more

Holy shit. This video is an ever-climbing rollercoaster of mind-blowing stoke. Elijah and Kyle take us to the brink of...
what youth recommends SOTY trip


Evan Mock documented the behind the scenes of the SOTY trip with Ave and Terp, all on his iPhone, in...
what youth recommends ishod iphone part

Watch Ishod Wair’s “iphone” Video A rather convincing SOTY campaign rally

We just got back from a trip to Japan with Ishod. There’s actually an iPhone clip in this that Terp...
what youth recommends austyn gillete skateboarding

Watch Austyn Gillette’s New Huf Part A friendly reminder as to how good he is

Today Austyn Gillette released this out of nowhere Huf part that is a wild reminder of how damn good he...

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