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Watch: Free Scrubber Tom Curren breaks the Internet

When the news broke a few weeks back of a Tom Curren/Rip Curl video project filmed entirely in Mex and...

Watch “The Typhoon” Mason Ho and Tom Curren somewhere in the North Pacific.

Pretty run of the mill stuff you’d expect from a Typhoon strike trip starring Tom Curren and Mason Ho. Wonky,...
what youth recommends occ cast tom curren

Watch Tom Curren On The Occ-Cast Enough talking, let’s blade

Here’s a little change of pace if you, like me, have grown tired of rewatching Brendon Gibbens’ “Listen Now, Misty...
what youth mason ho surfing padang cup

The Padang Cup kicks off waiting period And there’s a crazy swell for it

The Padang Cup is one of those contests we can kinda get behind. Reason being: the waves are usually really...
what youth recommends conner coffin year one

Watch Conner Coffin’s “Year One” A recap doco style thing about Conner’s first year on tour

The good news is: There’s some great surfing. The bad news, this kind of feels like you’d see this as...
what youth recommends pipeline

The First Pipe Swell of the year Starring Mason, Michael and Derek Ho, Gavin Beschen and Kalani Chapman

Early season Pipe is usually a tricky affair. Sand and rock aren’t where they should be, it’s pretty irregular and...
License to Chill Episode 1 Mason Ho

License to Chill starring Mason Ho Episode 1: Burger Goes to Bali starring Mason, Tom Curren and Cheeseburger

I don’t think anything this good has come out in a long time. Lost and Mason and Curren and Burger…in...
what youth recommends rob machado

Watch Banjo Strings A delight from Jack Coleman featuring Ryan Burch, Tom Curren and Rob Machado

Do we need to give a reason why? The audio won’t necessarily pump you up, but respect the art behind...
what youth collected thoughts tom curren

Tom Curren in France Collected Thoughts 078

Tom Curren in France during a warm September day surfing La Graviere. What else could you ask for? The sandbar...
tom curren conner coffin past present perfect what youth surfing hawaii

Past Present Perfect: Tom Curren and Conner Coffin Part 3: Hawaii

Tom Curren and Conner Coffin talk about the most special place in the world to be a surfer — and...

Past Present Perfect: Tom Curren & Conner Coffin Part 2: Style and Influence Presented by Rusty

Tom Curren and Conner Coffin on style and influences.
Past Present Perfect Tom Curren and Conner Coffin what youth surfing rincon

Past Present Perfect: Tom Curren & Conner Coffin Part 1: Rincon Presented by Rusty

Tom Curren and Conner Coffin debate the Queen of the Coast.

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