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what youth 4 years dane reynolds surfing

4 Years Ago Today We Released This The first visions of What Youth

Maybe the wine is making us feel extra nostalgic tonight (what else is new), but it presents a nice moment...
what youth travis ferre andy irons content

I fucking hate the word “content” Picking my Friday night fight

I think I’ve written many emails ranting about this. But today we go public. I hate that word. Content. That...
what youth dear youth ozzie wright

I just started saying yes to things Great advice from Ozzie Wright

“This year, I just started saying yes. Things I used to hide from or ignore I just started saying yes.”...

Tokyo to Bangkok to Sydney to Goldy We’re on the run again

We pulled up the driveway at Chippa Wilson’s house today to 3 brand new boards, ready to rip. Not beat...

Kanoa Igarashi Translated Tokyo with the newly qualified 18-year-old who’s got all of Asia behind him

Kanoa Igarashi has been talking non stop. Interviews and signings and Quiksilver and us. Then there are the people stopping...
what youth dear youth travis ferre

Japanese Customs Surreal arrival in Japan

We’re here looking for Kanoa Igarashi. Which is funny because he usually lives in Huntington Beach. And our HQ is...
what youth dion agius panama

Dion Agius threw his phone at a wall And you should too (or maybe just hide it)

I wish more people would do this. We all say it. Threaten it. But Dion Agius just did it. Destroyed...
what youth travis ferre dane renolds surfing

When the Webcast Doesn’t Go Are we just using them to be lazy?

Yesterday I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little jazzed driving in for work knowing the Eddie was on. That...
what youth travis ferre

A new Morning, Changing Weather So I guess I’m going to start doing this every day

Yep. Since I can’t quite spread my wings enough on social media and still relay all the rad shit we’re...
what youth greg long jaws surfing

On Yesterday Evan Geiselman, Billy Kemper, Andre Botha, Jaws, John John Florence, Greg Long…damn dudes.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in California. It was calm. Sunny. The waves were 3-foot. Football was on and mama was cooking...

We Are All Bruce Irons Our case for the feel good hit of the winter

[UPDATE: November 23, 2015]: Kieren Perrow and the WSL have officially awarded Bruce Irons the Wildcard for The Billabong Pipeline...
what youth dane reynolds carves surfing

The Return to Thrash Have aerials and “clips” reached their ceiling?

I love airs. It’s why I’m here. It’s why I met Kai. It’s been my life’s work to highlight and...

I quit eating meat now I have no friends The repercussions of a healthier lifestyle

I didn’t mean to do it. I hadn’t even seen Cowspiracy or Food Inc. yet. Or read the recent study about...
what youth bob hurley

Bob Hurley Retires as CEO of Hurley Congratulations on a career dedicated to making our lives radder

Bob Hurley is a surfboard shaper. I know this because I have a surfboard he shaped for me. I also...
what youth issue 12

A reason for radio silence What Youth Issue 12 is at the printer

Hi there. I want to begin by apologizing for the silent treatment. Between finishing our 12th issue and inserting ourselves...
music, bazooka, brixton broadcast barcelona

The Brixton Broadcast Barcelona All night rock and roll on the surreal sea

What do you do when a place has no respect for time or light or dark or anything outside of...
what youth dear youth outerknown kelly slater fashion surfing

Kelly Slater Announces Outerknown And everyone (except us) freaks out because it’s expensive

I love Kelly Slater. Always have. For all the infinite reasons there are to love him: he’s a great rep for...

Friendly advice from a tax man Is this the end of experience?

Information overload
Noa Deane fuck the wsl what youth surfing

On “Fucking the WSL” We never intended to get them so laid

I’ve got a bone to pick. And it aint with the ASP, WSL, PGA, NFL or any other softball leagues....
Creed McTaggart what youth cluster

Dear Youth What Youth HQ during the making of Cluster

This is us on deadline.
Kai Neville Creed McTaggart Noa Deane Dear Youth What Youth Music

Dear Youth Click happy

“Popular is not the same as important, or often, not the same as good.” — Seth Godin Yesterday, sitting in...
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 001

Just a bunch of lizards sunning themselves all over this funny rock we live upon.
Surfing road-trip dear youth what youth

Dear Youth The fun that leads to sleep paralysis

“Never trust a thought that didn’t come from walking.” That’s a quote by an old madman by the name of Friedrich...

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