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what youth artist series mike watt music minutemen san pedro

Artist Series: Mike Watt Episode 010: A punk rock knowledge drop from the iconic bass player of Minutemen

He is Mike Watt — a punk-rock legend (of the Minutemen) and he spits truth. Always has and shows no...
what youth artist series amy hood

Artist Series: Amy Hood Episode 007: Artist, Photographer, Actress, Model, Inspiration

Amy Hood is a creative. In the most creative sense. She’s altered every genre she creates in and makes it...
what youth artist series tommy chong

Artist Series: Tommy Chong Episode 006: Pot, acid, music, art and a whole lot of wisdom from a very wise man

Movie star. Political figure. Musician. Comedian. Pot smoker. Chong from “Cheech and Chong”. A representative for the decriminalization of drugs. And...
Langley Fox waht youth artist serries

Artist Series: Langley Fox Episode 005: A What Youth Original Series

Langley Fox began her artistic career sometime around kindergarten — by drawing star people, an obviously more complex version of...
what youth artist series anthony lister what youth

Artist Series: Anthony Lister Episode 004: An Artpunk Messiah

Whether offered as free art on public walls, paintings for sale in galleries, random clandestine life drawing happenings where strangers...
what youth artist series frank ockenfels photography

Artist Series: Frank Ockenfels (FW03) Episode 003: The process as art from a guy who’s shot everyone from Jenna Jameson to George Clooney

He’s shot everyone. From Jenna Jameson to George Clooney to Lemmy from Motorhead. But what truly interested us about Frank...
what youth artist series darren ankenman photography

What Youth Artist Series: Darren Ankenman Episode 002: A What Youth Original Series

Darren Ankenman was originally a documentary filmmaker. But then while following around the Black Crowes, he realized there was a...
What Youth Artist Series Matt Maust Cold War Kids

What Youth Artist Series: Matt Maust Episode 001: A What Youth Original Series

This is the World Premiere of our new show: The What Youth Artist Series. The show is here to give...
what youth issue 11 matt maust cold war kids what youth

Meet Matt Maust Artist/Musician from What Youth Issue 11

The Cold War Kids are a pretty well known band and Matt Maust plays bass in that band. But that’s...

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