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What Youth Syllabus, Books

The What Youth Syllabus The books we’re assigning for the fall semester

If you go to school, or went to school or tell people you go to school, you’ve seen a syllabus....
Willian Finnegan, surfing, music, Kirra

Finnegan on the sounds of surfing Pulitzer Prize winner William Finnegan speaks to Pitchfork about music and surfing

“The soundtrack for surfing, especially since shortboards in ’68, is rock n roll. That’s what it is.” William Finnegan wrote...
what youth on surfing in the olympics

Surf for Love, Not for Gold Writer William Finnegan on why surfing in the Olympics is a horrible idea

William Finnegan is easily one of the best writers we’ve got. He can articulate the nuances of surfing to the masses and...

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