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what youth afternoon interview jordan taylor

Afternoon Interview: Jordan Taylor Episode: 063: An afternoon at WKND Skateboards is always a good time

The first time I met Jordan Taylor I had no idea who he was. We were having beers with a...
what youth recommends salomon cardenas

Watch WKND Welcome Salomon Cardenas Another solid addition to the most fun team in skateboarding

Thrasher released this footage about a month ago, but we love WKND and Salomon Cardenas is insane. We’ve said it...

Jordan Taylor’s WKND Part The Gordo Effect: Jordan goes Pro with WKND to Fine Young Cannibals

Jordan Taylor went pro for WKND and we all get this sick part.
what youth recommends johan stuckey skateboarding

Watch Johan Stuckey’s WKND part A good time had by all and some live Jane’s Addiction

Once again Johan and the WKND crew made our day. It’s becoming a trend. All the bullshit happening in the...
what youth recommends johan stuckey wknd professional

Johan Stuckey is a WKND Professional Is anyone having more fun than WKND right now?

The dudes at WKND have a really good time roasting and ripping on Johan Stuckey. Now he’s having the last...

Conversation With: Alexander Schmidt On his new zine “Side Streets”, street skating and street photography

I’ve been a fan of WKND since I found out about them. Aesthetically, they’re great. But what’s also great is...
what youth recommends austyn gillette WKND

WKND Welcomes Austyn Gillette To the lot…and the team

Johan Stuckey and the WKND dudes are…welcoming Austyn Gillette to the lot. And the team. Watch the vid…and remember “Butt’s...
what youth afternoon interview johan stuckey

Afternoon Interview: Johan Stuckey Episode 031: Broken hearts, staph infection and WKND graphics

Johan Stuckey was was working at a women’s dress shop not long ago. After moving here from Vero Beach, Florida,...
what youth stay tuned music

Stay Tuned: Johan Stuckey Playlist 021 Presented by D’Blanc

Johan Stuckey wears glasses. That much is obvious. The other things that make him fantastic are his parts in Cosmic...

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