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Forced Creativity In a Musty Place Or, the art of throwing empty pint glasses at a laptop and expecting results

“Writing is the flip side of sex — it’s only good when it’s over.” —Hunter S. Thompson  Editor’s note: Here’s something(one)...

Radical Class: “The Center Will Not Hold” Definitely watch the new Netflix documentary on writer Joan Didion

In a world full of chaos, absurdity, tragedy and Stranger Things, it’s always nice to find some larger perspective in...
what youth dead writers shirt

The WY Dead Writers T-Shirt Before it’s gone here’s why it exists

We still read…actual books even. And while a lot of our favorite writers are long gone, their influence is still...
what youth 2015 top 5

The What Youth 2015 Top 5 submissions from CS Louis

CS Louis is a regular contributor to What Youth. His column though is as inconsistent as it is amazing. So...
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Want to Write for What Youth? We’re (still) looking for contributing writers and interns for 2016

[Update: If you already sent through your work for our previous callout, we’re still in the process of going through...

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