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what youth recommends the queen of the coast

Watch “An Ode To The Queen” Another day at Rincon with Luke Davis, Yadin Nicol, Curren Caples, and more

Just another day at the Queen of The Coast. Rincon with Luke Davis, Yadin Nicol, Curren Caples, Griffin Colapinto, and more....
what youth recommends goose chase

Watch Goose Chase A nice long-form surf vid courtesy of Nate Leal

A 24-minute clip you’ll actually catch yourself watching all the way through. Clips from Nate Leal’s various jaunts around the globe...
what youth recommends vague+profound yadin nicol

Watch “Vague+Profound” “Cool Dad” Yadin Nicol releases nearly full-length vid 4 years in the making…and there’s a lot of Dillon too

Yadin Nicol is “cool dad.” We’ve said it before he was an actual dad. He was always the guy keeping...
what youth recommends to the core

Watch “Rotten to the Core” Surfing is not a sport and this video is a throwback reminder

This is the type of surf film you find buried in the VHS collection deeper than the others because you kind of...
what youth recommends TGIF air

Watch TGIF with Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol, Dillon Perillo

We don’t normally encourage this type of release to recommend, and the quality is a little suss, but we do love...
what youth recommends kolohe el nino

Watch Through the Trees Starring Kolohe Andino, Ian Crane, Yadin Nicol, Tanner Gudauskas and Dane Gudauskas

The title says it all. Pretty creepy video, but the boys are making the most of it with the wind and...
what youth recommends andrew doheny yadin nicol

Tracking South Andrew Doheny and Yadin Nicol Surfing in Cabo

The boys headed south for Hurricane Delores. Andrew’s tuck knee tail whips will never tire. Check out Andrew and Yadin...
Quinn Matthews photo credit what youth kolohe andino

Photo Credit: Quinn Matthews Portfolio 002

PHOTOS AND CAPTIONS: Quinn Matthews Quinn Matthews is a young, talented and ambitious photographer from California. He recently went to...
kolohe anding dane reynolds yadin nichol dillon perillo surfing in japan what youth dear suburbia

Wake Up, It’s Over A day in Japan worth pinching yourself over

An original What Youth short film featuring Yadin Nicol, Conner Coffin, Dane Reynolds and Kolohe Andino dodging typhoons and enjoying...

The Boys Fin ditches in Hawaii set to Cold Cave

If this doesn't make you wanna go ditch the fins with your friends today then nothing will.
what youth yadin nicol

Then Yadin’s Ankle broke Right before the swell of the decade

Partway through our second consecutive Japan trip — which was partway through Yadin Nicol’s best year ever — his ankle...
what youth dear suburbia prequel 2

Dear Suburbia, Prequel 1 Dane, Conner, Yadin, Kolohe in Japan

When we flew to Japan Kai was just releasing Lost Atlas, and he wanted to start right away on his...

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